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Five sofa beds to swoon over

When you have guests to stay it is incredibly useful to have a sofa bed to offer. These are five of our favourites - we think they make it clear that buying something practical does not have to mean compromising on style.
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Boardwalk classic back standard sofa bed

A real space-saver, this stylish little sofa is ideal for busy homes where you want to be able to set up an extra bed with minimum fuss. It is also very comfortable to sit on, supporting you in all the right places.

Connaught corner sofa bed

One of the most luxurious products in our collection, this gorgeous corner sofa bed is stunning to look at and also incorporates a recliner. Upholstered in soft leather, it will really make an impression in your home, and the pull-out bed is easy to use.

Dante 2.5 seater sofa bed

Made from luxury materials, this sleek and stylish leather sofa bed is a pleasing addition to your home even before you consider its use. It folds out into a wonderfully comfortable raised bed which has its own mattress hidden underneath the seats.

Desire 2 seater sofa bed

This elegant sofa, with fashionable high arched arms, would look good in any home and offers luxuriously spacious seating for two. It is one of the easiest sofa beds to unfurl, creating a raised bed with foam mattress supplied.

Splitz chaise sofa bed

Something a little different, this handsome sofa is great for lounging around on during the day and fits neatly into a corner. At night you can fold it down to create an exceptionally comfortable double bed, with space to spare.

The only problem with these gorgeous sofa beds is that your guests might not get to use them – they are so appealing, you will want them for yourself!


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