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Put it in neutral

It sometimes seems that every home decor trend is about grabbing attention, but what if you do not want your home to be showy? What if you prefer a quiet, unobtrusive look that still conveys style and sophistication?
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If so, the new trend for neutral tones is for you. Neutrals are the perfect choice when all you want to do is come home at the end of a long day to relax in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

Blending neutral colours is easy. Changing curtains and carpeting is the first step to creating a truly neutral room and then it is time to start choosing furniture.

Lonsdale chair

This appealingly square, chunky chair will make any room look elegant and its cool hues are sure to fit in perfectly with the neutral decor of your newly decorated living room. It is sturdy and comfortable, with wide arms on which to rest a book. The chenille fabric is tough and long-lasting, but soft to the touch.

Furnitureland Lyon small bookcase

Modern neutral furniture is perfectly complemented by products with a traditional rustic look, like this attractive small bookcase. Constructed from solid oak and oak veneer, it can add a touch of class and old fashioned charm to your living room.

Jackson 2 seater classic back sofa

Plump and luxurious, yet firm enough to support you in all the right places, this sofa is inspired by a Chesterfield design. Choose the alpine beige or alpine natural colour options for an appealingly muted look and don’t forget to take a look at the footstool designed to complement it.

Prado RHF corner sofa

Beige furniture does not have to be boring furniture and this handsome corner sofa combines colours and fabrics to great effect. Beautifully shaped fibre-filled cushions provide great support and there is ample room to stretch out on. This sofa really comes into its own when the whole family sits down together to play a game or watch TV.

Using neutral tones in your home creates a peaceful atmosphere that everyone will find welcoming. It is right on trend now, but even in five years’ time this classic look will not have lost its appeal.


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