Britain’s Oldest Gardener Answers Your Questions

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To celebrate the release of its new garden furniture range, Furniture Village is delighted to offer you the opportunity to pose your green-fingered questions to 104 year old Ralph Hoare, the UK’s oldest amateur gardener.

Britains oldest farmer

Winter temperatures may show no sign of abating, but Spring has arrived and garden enthusiasts must brave the cold to tend to their herbaceous borders and flowers. Who better to ask for advice than an inspiring centenarian who still works daily in the Gloucestershire garden he has owned for over fifty years?

RAF veteran Ralph, who turns 105 this Summer, has a particular passion for roses, but also boasts a vegetable garden where he grows potatoes, onions, runner beans and broccoli.

Now a great-grandfather, Ralph started gardening in 1914, at the age of six, when he grew Japanese anemones. He remains convinced that his lifelong enthusiasm for his garden is the secret to his longevity: “The thought of my garden in bloom gives me the willpower to continue through each winter,” he says. “Gardening keeps me on the move and my mind active.”

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