Hibernate in style: 4 top tips to make your home cosy for winter

Hints & tips

As the clocks go back and the amount of daylight lessens, we look towards spending more time in the comfort of our own homes, and therefore we want to make it as inviting and cosy as we possibly can.

From simple heat-preserving ideas to appealing interior advice, here we look at 4 top tips to transform your house into a nest in which to cocoon yourself and your family for the duration of the winter.


Insulate your windows

We all know that windows are one of the biggest areas in which our homes loose heat. Therefore, you should try to minimise heat loss using various techniques, which should also result in a classier and stylish interior effect too.

Window blinds are one way of preserving interior heat, and also act as a privacy shield from nosy neighbours and passers by. Blinds come in a whole host of different fabrics, styles and colours, so select something that will be suitable for all seasons and that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Curtains are not everybody's favourite choice, especially in more contemporary homes, however, they are wonderful at conserving the warmth and are available in many different styles to suit your taste. The window-dressing style you choose should be reflective of the overall style of your room’s interior, therefore each room is likely to require a different choice.


Dress up your sofa

Many a cosy night in will be spent lounging on your sofa this winter, therefore make sure that it is fit for purpose by making it as snuggle-some as possible! Faux fur throws, woollen blankets and knitted cushions all make great accessories for leather sofas, and opt for soft, natural fibres for added comfort. Fabric sofas are naturally warmer, comfier options and again can be dressed for winter with the enhancement of textured cushions, bolsters and patterned drapes.

Consider your lighting

As the outdoor lighting changes, so too must your indoor lighting in order to compensate. Whereas lighting usage is usually kept to a minimum during summer months, it is important to find an optimum solution for winter, which is cost effective, but which doesn't leave your house looking dark and dull. Dimmer switches are a good idea, meaning that lighting can easily be upped or downed as the daylight fades, and can be combined with table lamps, lanterns and candles for a perfect winter ambiance. Regularly used social spaces, for example the kitchen and the lounge could benefit from additional lighting to cover you through the darker days, so consider lightbulbs with a stronger wattage, or introducing new floor lamps, for example tripod stands or arc lamps for that extra burst of light.

Try a darker colour scheme

Whites, creams and pale greys look great in modern homes during spring and summer months, however, when it comes to the winter period, houses often benefit from a slightly darker colour scheme in order to give a warming effect. Large rooms and hallways look great when painted in dark colours such as midnight blues, charcoal greys or ruby reds, especially when combined with wooden floors and exposed wooden ceiling beams. Smaller rooms tend to work better with lighter coloured walls and flooring, however, you could experiment with decorating a single feature wall in a darker shade to compliment the tone of the rest of the room and furniture. Lighter coloured flooring can be layered with shaggy rugs to add extra comfort underfoot as well as adding to the sumptuous interior effect you are aiming to achieve.