Easy Ways To Bring The Colour Pop Trend Into Your Home This Summer

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Don’t be afraid to add the personal touch to your home by using colour. Summer is all about light and lively colours, which contribute to making us feel more energetic and improve our mood. So why not benefit from this season’s trends to bring some zesty colour to your home? 
Here are a few tips on how to use vibrant colours and give your home a colour pop.

Use a single statement, for example a bold chair or sofa

Colourful wallpapers, painted walls or cabinets are back in fashion and will liven up the room immediately

Colourful welle bedroom and furniture

Hang bright or geometric art pieces in a room, it will create a strong modern look 

Opt for accents that are easy to experiment with and change up when you want to such as lamp shades and cushions 

The bedroom can be brought to life by lively coloured blankets or bed linen

Vibrant London pop art

Some of this season's strongest colour trends are:


Into the blue

Blue in all its shades is a summer classic and is able to give a room an instant feeling of tranquillity. Add a delicate touch of blue to your home - the Compton Dining set and Bordeaux Dining sets complement blue accessories and colour schemes perfectly. Or opt for a vibrant dark blue statement sofa such as the Remy sofa.

Compton dining set


Bordeaux dining set

Remy Sofa in teal

Truly Bright Red

ercol couch in red

If you want to make a statement and play with truly bright colours this summer, be bold and go red. The Ercol studio couch would do a perfect job in adding character and bringing vibrance to any room.

grande dining table

If you want the same effect, but on a smaller scale, then the Grande chairs in red would be a perfect choice for your kitchen table.


Into The Woods

green henley rug

Bringing outdoor references into the home is a big theme for the season. Floral pattern, stripes and greens in all shades will continue to be big. A rug is an easy way to refresh a room and the Henley Rug would be a welcome addition to smaller spaces in need of an update.