Gorgeous Garden Furniture

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With warm days and sunny evenings just around the corner, thoughts are turning to the extra room in the house: the garden. Rather than treating outside spaces as a pleasant bonus, investing in some attractive garden furniture will make them a useful and usable space for entertaining, or just enjoying a quiet evening.

Woven in a rattan style, our garden furniture is hardwearing and weatherproof, and looks perfectly at home in a summer garden. The Ascot Oval Epsom dining set fits neatly together to minimise the space needed to store it when it is not in use and the glass top is practical for outdoor dining. It also adds a reflective sheen, which mirrors the flowers and foliage surrounding it. The curved shape is a statement of modernity but, for those who favour a more linear look, the Ascot is also available as a square set.

Ascot Oval Epsom Dining SetAscot Square Dining Set

However, having a garden table and chairs does not mean that it has to be a full-sized dining set. The Ascot range also includes the Ascot Square garden sofa set, which comprises a coffee table, sofa and chairs. Perfect for more compact spaces, this sociable set inspires informal gatherings that make the most of the long, light days.

Ascot square garden sofa set

The Ascot range also includes garden accessories, such as planters, which will help to pull the whole look together across the garden. Likewise, the Stratford range includes a large coffee table with garden sofa and luxurious cushions in neutral tones. Gardens are often top of the list when looking for a house so make the most of it during the warmer months by turning it into an extension of the interior with a gorgeous set of garden furniture.