How to add accent colours to your dining room

Inspiration & trends

Your dining space should be a warm and welcoming space that’s as inviting for a dinner party as it is for a quick coffee and five minutes of peace before work in the morning.

But that doesn’t mean that it has to be all neutral colours and plain dining room furniture.

Playing with a few accents colours can add personality to the space, giving it a stylish edge that stops the room becoming bland and boring.

Here are some easy ways to introduce some accent colours to give your dining room a bit of bite.

Curtains and cushions

While your dining table and chairs may be investment pieces chosen to fit into an ever-changing décor, you can afford to be a little more bold with your soft furnishings.

Cushions especially are readily replaceable so you are not committed to keeping them forever.

There also offer the opportunity to mix things up with some pattern and texture in a subtle yet striking manner.

Pebble Cushion, a red and bobbly cushion

We loved the Pebble cushion range, available in a range of colours. Each is hand dyed so no two are exactly the same, creating a homespun feel that’s charming and characterful.

Duo Large Scatter Pack of Cushions

Or how about the large Duo scatter pack of cushions? Although they are made for sofas, this is also a great purchase for a large dining room where you can place on every chair for added individuality.

Colourful chairs

If your dining table is made from natural wood or has a plain finish, you can afford to choose dining chairs that stand out, such as the Habufa Santorini Fabric chair.


As sunny as its Mediterranean name, it’s also comfortable and easy to care for. Go for a complete set for high impact, or tone things down a little by mixing in with other styles such as a rich brown leather dining chair, which would complement the orange perfectly.

New York Swivel Bar Stool in Red

To really make an impression, invest in the New York Swivel Bar Stool, which is really fun and funky and sure to become a talking point.

Rug-ged good looks

You might think that there’s little room in a dining space for rugs but placing one under a dining table is a clever way to define the eating area and add a touch of luxury underfoot.

You’ll need to choose one that matches the shape of your table, such as a round one for a round dining table and a rectangular one for a rectangle table.

And because the rug will be slightly hidden, there’s the opportunity to really go for something that’s going to have a big effect. Busy patterns can work surprisingly well. Simply pick a colour from the design and work from that palette when choosing other accent pieces for a coherent design.

Scroll rug, a multi coloured rug

The brightly-coloured Scroll rug for instance might be too much for some tastes as a focal point of say, a living room. But under a table, it will add wow factor without looking too wacky.

Peacock Round Wool Rug

For round dining tables, we adore the Peacock wool rug. With beautiful colours and a glorious pattern, it has the feel of a family heirloom yet will suit both traditional and modern homes.