More than monochrome: The softer side of black and white

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Designers love black and white. It’s stylish, classic and eye-catching. But while you might enjoy looking at it or even wearing it, living with it can be a different story.

So if black and white is too harsh, too much of a contrast, too…well, too monochromatic, you’re going to love this season’s hottest new interiors trend. More than monochrome softens those sharp edges and stark contrasts with shades of warm pink and soft grey. Here’s how to use it to stunning effect in your own home.

More than Monochrome
Bring life to a neutral room. If you have white walls and a grey sofa like the Furnico Mezzo 2-seater sofa, pink rugs, table lamps and other accessories are a relatively easy way to embrace the trend without breaking the bank.

Incorporate it in texture as well as colour. The Pebble Shimmer Cushion does indeed shimmer and shine. In black or chrome, its deep (really deep) textured fabric feels beyond luxurious.

Put it underfoot. At last—we found something to love about geometry. The patterned Pixie Cowhide Rug (yes, it’s real cowhide) and the 100% wool Nordic Rug are more than monochromatic. And more than gorgeous.

Show your bold side. If you’re going to embrace this trend, really embrace it. The Gainsborough Creations sofa bed is technically “cranberry” but it looks pretty much like the perfect pink to us. It’s fabulous with a few grey scatter cushions.

Take it all the way. Why stop at the living room? With distinctly feminine overtones, this trend works in every room, especially the bedroom. The Tempur Options curved double ottoman upholstered bed comes in a few different shades of grey. Just add pink silk sheets.

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