#LovetheLook - Embrace the Mid-Century Style

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“I love the mid-century modern look that has been around for a while, but it doesn’t look comfortable or practical to pretend to live in the ‘50s.”

 Ercol Couch
We agree that the mid-century look is stunning. But if you’re the type of family who likes to relax with their feet up, then it’s not an easy look to achieve.

The secret to living with – and loving – this style is picking out a couple of key elements, rather than trying to recreate the whole look. That way, you can really make it work for you. 

Casper Sofa

The mid-century style is all about clean, simple lines, often combined with natural wood and upholstery. Sofas such as the Casper, Contour and Alva blend this distinct visual style with comfort, so you can still curl up and relax.

For something even more relaxed, try the Carrara classic range, which – with the right accessories – will give a mid-century feel to even the most modern room.

Elmari Coffee Table
To complement the sofa, a coffee table or side table is essential. Pretty much anything by Ercol or Nathan will fit the bill. Accessorise with a pendant lamp over the table (or group several in a cluster). Try the Amaya for a contemporary twist on a classic shape.

Copper Light
Last, but certainly not least, have fun with your accessories. The right colours and patterns will really accent the theme, without the need to compromise on comfort. Mustards, oranges and muted shades of blues and browns all feel very mid-century. Whether it’s a feature wall, a dip-dyed vase, or a tryptic of framed wallpaper samples they’re all a great way to say ‘mid-century’ without saying ‘uncomfortable’.