The Best Gardens In The World


Whether you have acres of land or a few simple pot plants on a terrace, gardens can bring us all great joy.


Here, we bring you some of the best outdoor spaces in the world to inspire you to get out and make your own garden as beautiful as it can be.


Garden of Versailles

Photo credit: stephiiie

Gardens and Park of the Palace of Versailles, France


Commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661, the design of the gardens of the famous palace was considered just as important as the building itself.


The project was a huge undertaking which took an amazing 40 years to complete and involved the efforts of thousands of men.


They worked to replace woods, grasslands and marshes that once stood there with the stunning planting, orangery, fountains and grand canal which can be enjoyed today.


Iceland Botanical Garden

Photo credit: sporst

The Botanical Garden, Iceland


Think the British weather is too poor for you to truly make the most of your patch of land? This garden in Iceland will have you thinking again.


One of the most northern botanical gardens in the world, it features specimens of trees, shrubs and perennials which are both hardy and beautiful.


As well as being a popular visitor attraction, the garden also functions as a genebank for plants suitable for growing in Iceland. This includes flora both native to the country and those imported from elsewhere on the globe.


Royal Hirschgarten

Photo credit: Munic Beer Gardens

The Royal Hirschgarton, Munich


A great garden should be as much about function as form and what could be a better blend of the two than a beer garden?


The tradition in Munich, Germany, dates back to the days when brewing was banned during the hot summer months because of the increased risk of fire.


Special cellars were instead constructed outside under the cool shade of trees and the beer sold on site directly to visitors and passers-by.


The Royal Hirschgarton, originally created as parklands and hunting grounds for the nobility, can accommodate up to 8,000 people - making it Europe’s largest beer garden.


Nuan Liang Garden

Photo credit: Anna & Michal

Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong


Surrounded by high-rise buildings in the bustling city of Hong Kong lies three-and-a-half hectares of meticulously landscaped space known as the Nan Lian Garden.


There are rocks, water features, plants and structures including pavilions, terraces, towers and verandahs, as well as bridges.


Described as a place for quiet contemplation, the entire area is surrounded by 250 soundproof panels to maintain its sense of peace.


Photo credit: Mike Hauser


The Australian Garden, Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia


It’s a country known for its enviable outdoor lifestyle and the Australian Garden offers visitors the chance to explore the country’s flora by following the journey of water from the arid inland areas to the coast.


To this end, the award-winning destination which opened just ten years ago has several themed gardens within a garden. There’s one focused on water saving, a mysterious “weird and wonderful” space, a backyard garden, a lifestyle garden and even one that’s just for kids.


Be inspired


Whichever one of the above is your favourite, remember each one took time and effort to create.


Even if you spend just a fraction of that commitment on your own garden it will bring its own rich rewards.


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