Gardening Tips For Spring From Gardening Express


Gardening tips for spring from Gardening Express

Now that Spring has most definitely sprung we all want to spend more time outside. For some of us, that means getting back into the garden and planting, pruning, trimming and taming.

That's why we've asked Chris, one of the greenfingered experts at Gardening Express, to bring you some quick tips for getting your garden into shape before the summer. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a bit of a beginner we hope you'll find some practical help and a little inspiration for making the most out of your space.

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Flower beds
April showers mean a day indoors
Don't waste it, it's the perfect time to order plants and seeds online.

Clear up your flower beds
Before re-growth from winter starts remove any old or dead growth from deciduous plants.

Install a water butt in your garden
To collect seasonal rainfall, not only does this help the environment, plants love rainwater.

In the veg patch

Time to get planting and sowing seeds now the soil is warming up. Onion sets and asparagus crowns can go in now.

Continue the Spring Clean
Beds and borders should be given a good going over to remove any weeds before they take hold.

Wage war on slugs and snails!

These are predicted to be a big pest problem this year thanks to the mild winter, why not try environmentally friendly beer traps?

Expand your horizons

If you want more plants ot to change the look of the garden April is an ideal month for a remodel and to make new beds and borders.

Veg Patch
Get fruity!
If you've got room it's a great time to plant apples and pears, there are even varieties for patio containers to look out for .

Tools at the ready!
The start of the gardening year is well and truly here, but are your tools all sorted, cleaned and ready to go? 

Spuds you like
Nothing can compare to home grown potatoes. Traditionalists plant on Good Friday, but you can plant right up to the middle of May and get fantastic crops!