Get a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep guide

We spend a third of our lives asleep and whilst we rest, our bodies are busy replenishing and refreshing themselves, ready for the activities of the next day. When considering the importance sleep plays in keeping us healthy, the choices we make when furnishing our bedrooms become incredibly important.

Finding the right mattress

Investing in the right high-quality bed and mattress should be the first priority. The right mattress will not only provide the right support in the right places but will ensure a great night’s sleep and a happier day ahead.

However, finding the best mattress is a very individual pursuit and the choices available are seemingly endless. Whether it is the level of firmness required, or the number of pockets or springs, the sheer volume of decisions to be made can be daunting.

A memory foam mattress is a good option for those who like a high level of support. Made from a material that was originally developed by NASA, these mattresses mould to each individual’s shape and evenly distribute body weight to support the sleeper’s back and neck. In this way, they prevent restlessness and improve overall sleep quality.

Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleepeezee Cordova King size divan has over 800 pocket springs and a layer of hi-tech iFoam for optimum comfort. This memory foam is pressure-sensitive without the need to be heat sensitive. For the ultimate combination of style and luxury, the Tempur® Honfleur bed and Cloud 25 mattress combination is the ideal choice.


Sleepeezee Bed

For those who suffer allergies, a latex mattress may be the best choice because of its dense structure. For added peace of mind, the Sealy Millionnaire Pillowtop Ultra, with its combination of latex and foam mattress pockets, eliminates house dust mites. This elegant divan has been endorsed by Allergy UK and can be teamed with a range of headboards.


Latex Mattress and Bed

The combinations of beds and mattresses are seemingly endless. From divans to sleigh beds, each can be perfectly complemented with the best choice from an array of mattresses. Whichever is the most comfortable, finding the best combination of bed and mattress is guaranteed to result in a perfect night’s slumber.