How to decorate the perfect white dining room

Style guides

For a modern and minimalist feel, choosing white as the primary colour for your dining room is a fantastic option.

The colour white gives a sense of calm and serenity, and can create a relaxing atmosphere when hosting friends and family for dinner.  

Whether you want to go completely white, or simply incorporate some hints of white to your dining area, take a look at our guide for some interior inspiration.

 White Dining Room

White walls

Once you have decided that you want white surrounding walls in your dining room, the decision doesn’t just stop there. There are in fact hundreds of different shades of white paint available, each giving a slightly different tone. Yellow-whites and green-whites often give more warmth and depth to a room, whilst blue-whites and grey-whites give a cooler vibe. White wallpaper could also be a good option if you are looking to add texture to the walls and is available in a wide range of white patterns and shades. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a wall colour to offset white furniture, opt for a cool grey shade.


White flooring

If you want to opt for white floors in your dining room, there are many options available, depending on budget and taste. If you want to splash out, then white marble or limestone are fabulous luxury, natural stone options. Natural stone looks incredible in larger spaces and is also helpful in keeping rooms nice and cool on warmer days. If you want a more economical option, then laminate flooring is a great option. Available in either white-wood effect or white-stone effect, laminate is easy to install and easy to maintain, making it a very popular choice. Once you have chosen your perfect white floor, then you can accessorise with shaggy rugs to add warmth and character.


White dining furniture

The main focal point in any dining room is the dining table and chairs. A high gloss white dining table can help to achieve a futuristic, modern look, whereas a white-washed wooden table can add a certain shabby-chic feel to the interior. Before you start choosing furniture, decide on the final atmosphere that you want the room to create overall, and go from there, so that you don’t end up with too many contrasting styles. When it comes to white chairs, again there are multiple options. From white upholstered styles for a more traditional feel, to white leather with chrome legs to compliment the modern look.


White crockery & soft furnishings

When the walls, flooring and dining furniture have been selected, that’s when the real fun begins! If you have opted for an all-white interior, then you can continue the theme with ice cool table decorations to match. Pure white, fine china looks and feels luxurious and is a special treat for dinner guests when they come to visit. White crockery also enhances the appearance of food compared to its colourful counterparts. If you wanted to add a hint of colour, then select crockery with fine metallic detailing, like a gold rim or a silver monogram. Placemats are available in white stone, which looks fantastic if you have opted for a wooden table, as the textures contrast well. Cutlery is also available in a multitude of options including ivory, enamel or white marble effect.