5 ways to give your bedroom a makeover

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Tired of your bedroom?  Want to update your sanctuary space without succumbing to a major overhaul?  Always looking at inspiration, but worried you don’t have time to turn your bland bedroom into that beautiful boudoir that you’ve always dreamed about?  Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be a big, daunting task.  There are lots of small changes and updates that you can do that won’t break the bank, or take up all of your time. 


Here we’ve compiled the top five tips that will help to take your bedroom from bedroom bland to bedroom beautiful, quicker than you can say zzzzzz


A navy blue upholstered bed on wooden flooring in a white painted bedroom.


1. Embrace your hedonistic side


The bed is often the main feature in any bedroom, but it’s not something easily updated beyond the linen. However, there is another bed hack that can reinvigorate your space. Look to replace your current headboard with something that meets your style aspirations.  Dark Jewel colours like blue or red can add a degree of drama and hotel luxe to your boudoir and easily complements crisp white sheets.  Add some contrasting scatter cushions in on-trend metallic fabric or plush velvet and then switch them out for some faux fur throws in winter - keeping your bed seasonally stylish.


2. Cut a rug


Rugs are a great way to freshen up your bedroom and create added texture and depth within the space. Use them to completely change the colour scheme from the ground up! Plus, they don’t take much effort, which leaves you more time to relax in your revitalised chamber.  Find narrow rugs that fit comfortably around the edge of your bed, mixing textures and patterns that fit with your colour scheme. If you have a dressing table or chair in your room, sheepskin rugs also double up as a luxurious throw, to keep you always sitting comfortably. 


3. Less is more


Clutter creeps in overtime and can be one of the biggest factors in setting off bedroom boredom.  Your sanctuary should be a calming space that makes you feel Zen, happy and surrounded by all your favourite things.  Combat clutter by making sure you have enough storage for all of your ‘extra’ stuff.  Bedside tables are a good space-saving way to add extra storage space for clothes, make-up or toiletries. For added style you could change the handles for more decorative ones, to help personalise the space even more – leaving your bedroom totally #Shelfie ready.


P.S. Don’t worry if they bedside tables do not match the other furniture. Mismatched pieces can actually add both character and style. Plus, it gives an opportunity to inject individualism into the space.


4. Painting makes perfect


A fresh coat of paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to refresh your bedroom. Go all in and embrace a whole new colour palette. Dark colours can really add a luxurious hotel feel to your room that will help you to sleep soundlessly.  Alternatively, creating a feature wall can be a lesser commitment that still adds a new lease of life to your décor. Choose the wall that your bed is against to create one gorgeous over-scaled headboard.


A standing mirror in a white bedroom in front of two cushions.


5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Mirrors are a marvelous way to both add the illusion of space, but also change the look and feel of your bedroom.  You don’t have to stick to one functional mirror on the wall, think of a mirror as a decoration and choose a few of different shapes and sizes to create a feature. There are lots of mirrors available with large, decorative frames, which can create the perfect combination of mirror and art, that will add a chic, contemporary aesthetic to your space.