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Sleep Like A Baby

It seems that when babies are tired they will fall asleep just about anywhere and can sleep for hours at a time. As part of Sleeptember, a month dedicated to getting the best night’s sleep possible, we’ve taken some tips from the toddlers so you can learn to sleep like a baby again.
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Tire yourself out

Toddlers and children spend a lot of time running around, exercising and generally being energetic, meaning that by bed time they can put their head on the pillow and fall straight to sleep. Most adults don’t spend enough time outdoors exercising meaning their bodies are still full of energy at night which can lead to restlessness when trying to sleep. To sleep like a baby, try exercising a few hours before bed to make sure your body is properly tired out.

Nap during the day

Babies spend a lot of time napping, so if you’re feeling tired during the day, lie down on your mattress and take a 20 minute nap. This is long enough to recharge the body but not too long so you fall into a deep sleep, making you feel even sleepier when you wake up.

Relax and de-stress

Toddlers and children often find it easier to go to sleep because they are generally more carefree. As adults we often lie awake worrying about work, money and relationships. Having a bath before bed and a leisurely bedtime routine will help you relax and clear your mind and get you ready for sleeping. You can also de-stress before bed by using aromatherapy candles, reading a book or doing muscle relaxing exercises.

Go to sleep when you need to

Babies fall asleep anywhere at any time, just because they are tired. Don’t stay up later than necessary sending one more email or watching one more TV episode. Listen to your body and when you feel tired, turn off mobile phones and computers and wind down ready for sleep.


Hints & Tips
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