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Real leather v faux leather

Buying a piece of furniture is an investment that can require hours of careful consideration before the final decision is made. This decision is even more important when that piece of furniture is something as significant as your next sofa.
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Malcolm Walker, Director of Product
Malcolm Walker Director of Product
Flavio leather sofa

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, relaxing after work or settling down for an evening of relaxing and socialising, there’s no doubt that your sofa plays an important part in your day.

A sofa that features in your everyday life has to be comfortable and durable, whilst remaining stylish for years to come.

Leather sofas have always been renowned for their high quality and long-lasting appeal. A timeless classic and popular choice for many living rooms over the years, a genuine leather sofa offers you a premium feel that other types of sofas cannot.

Here are four things to keep in mind when searching for a new sofa for your home


A real leather sofa is a piece of furniture that adds that feeling of luxury to any living room. The different grades of leather are of the highest quality. Beautiful to look at and great to touch, a real leather sofa has a distinct smell and feel that cannot be imitated by its faux leather counterparts.


As you would expect from any leather product, our sofas designed and made to last. Spills, small scuffs and dirt are easily wiped away.

Research has shown that leather sofas are more durable than fabric sofas, lasting up to 4 times longer. So a real leather sofa is a fantastic investment. Faux leather sofas, on the other hand, may be lower in price but don’t always guarantee the same resilience over time.

Flavio close up
Flavio model

3. Style

Leather sofas come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. From 2 and 3 seater leather sofas to a selection of cosy corner leather sofas you really are spoilt for choice when styling your living room, lounge or snug.

Make a style statement with a timelessly traditional Chesterfield style sofa, or perhaps a clean-lined, contemporary chaise sofa for a modern look.

Real leather sofas don’t have to be brown or beige, they come in a wide choice of bolder and neutral colours. As the colour is deep in the pigment of the leather, it will not fade even after many years of use.

4. Comfort

Unlike faux leather sofas which can begin to sag and lose shape over time, real leather sofas retain their natural fibres, stopping them becoming tired and looking worn. As leather ages, it becomes more supple too. So for support, supple softness and comfort, leather sofas win again.


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