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Where does your old furniture go?

So you’ve just taken delivery of some fantastic new furniture. You’re excited to sit on it, put your feet up on it, arrange the best china in it, eat a meal on it, and generally relax on it but there’s one problem. What about all your old furniture?
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You need to get rid of it but how? And where?

At Furniture Village, we’re committed to a zero-waste policy, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll find a good use for your old sofa, dining set, bed, chest of drawers or whatever else it is you’ve just replaced. Our goal is to stop your old furniture from adding to our huge landfill problem and hopefully do something good for our neighbours in the local community.

And now it’s easy for you to do the same. Next time you order something new and fabulous from Furniture Village, just tick the little box that says “Please recycle my old furniture”. Then for a small fee, when your new furniture is delivered, we’ll take your old furniture away and work with re-use and recycling organisations to:

Re-use your furniture

If your furniture is in reasonable shape, we’ll make sure it’s donated to local families or community organisations. Every year we collect over 20,000 items of furniture which is enough to furnish more than 1,300 two-bed flats.

Donate your furniture

If it’s not re-used, your furniture may be donated to charities across the UK. Over the past four years, Furniture Village has donated 3,500 pieces of furniture to the British Heart Foundation who sell these in one of their many hundreds of shops across the UK — enough to make more than £43,000 for this wonderful organisation.

De-construct your furniture

If your furniture can’t be re-used or donated, it’ll be taken apart and either used to build other furniture or recycled.

So now you can sit back and enjoy your new furniture, knowing that you’ve done the right thing for the community and the environment.


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