The Mammoth story

John Tuton suffered a rugby accident. To help cope with his injured spine and multiple broken ribs he made a prototype mattress of 15cm deep medical grade foam. Having the pressure relief he needed, without the heat generated by a traditional memory foam mattress allowed him to fall asleep, and to sleep better. John decided to improve his design and make these mattresses available to everyone, and so Mammoth beds was born.

Upgrade to a Mammoth mattress and prepare yourself for the best night sleep you could ask for. With science and the latest sleep research leading their innovation, their medical grade foam has unrivalled comfort and has been clinically proven to offer a better night’s sleep. Their pressure relieving, cooling mattresses are recommended by medical professionals and used by top athletes.

Mammoth understand the significance of the role sleep plays in our lives and the health benefits we gain from having the right amount of it. If you suffer from back pain, their mattresses can help to alleviate this discomfort and correctly align your spine and sleeping posture, allowing you an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Discover what mattresses you could benefit from, browse our extensive range.

Complement your new mattress with the perfect bed frame. Whether you are looking for something ornate and ostentatious, or something a little sleeker and minimal, explore our selection of options and refurbish your bedroom in a style that perfectly represents your personality.