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10 exciting ways to celebrate New Year

With the Christmas cheer still in abundance, New Year’s Eve presents yet another time of celebration and fun.
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But what are your options for seeing in the New Year? Do you want to stay at home in the warm, or are you a party animal who loves to head out?

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 great ideas for making your New Year’s Eve celebrations memorable.

1) Throw a house party

With excitement building as the new year edges closer, one great way to enjoy the occasion is with close friends and family. Why not invite your nearest and dearest and throw a party at home? Ask guests to bring a bottle, and provide nibbles on a coffee table for them to enjoy throughout the evening.

You could also grab a big sheet of paper or card, and ask your attendees to write their New Year’s resolution down; it can be fun to see everyone’s aims for the year ahead!

2) Host a dinner party

If you’re looking for a more refined option that still involves seeing in the new year with friends and family, consider hosting a dinner party. Invite guests round for an evening of champagne and cocktails, and cook them a tasty meal.

Gathered around the dining table, it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to reflect on the last year, and look ahead to the future.

Perhaps up the style stakes too, by introducing a dress code; make it black tie or put on a themed party where people can dress up.

3) Romantic meal for two

Over the festive period, you’ve probably spent a lot of time with your extended family. So for that reason, you might fancy a more chilled out New Year’s Eve with your significant other.

Book a table at your favourite restaurant, and enjoy a romantic meal for two away from the chaos of the festive period. This is a great time to look back on the Christmas you’ve just enjoyed together, as well as to talk about your future plans together.

4) Go on a night out

If you like to get well and truly into the spirit of welcoming the new year, a night out might be the option for you. Many of us like to head out on New Year’s Eve, so gather up your friends and enjoy a night visiting bars and nightclubs.

5) Watch the fireworks

Whether at your own home or at a local show, fireworks are certainly a great way to see in the new year with a bang. If you don’t want to go out in the cold, you can always watch on TV as the firework spectacular in London takes place.

6) Travel abroad

If you want a truly memorable New Year’s Eve, why not incorporate it into a well-deserved holiday? Whether you see in New Year from your favourite location in the world, or celebrate from a brand new place, travelling abroad can be an amazing way to increase the excitement levels.

What could be better than welcoming New Year on a beach or a cosmopolitan city around the world?

7) Head for the country

Want to stay on UK shores but still in need of a break? Try a country escape, such as renting a cottage or a cabin in the woods. There are loads of great lodges, cabins and holiday homes to choose from, and often they’re just a short drive out of your town or city.

It’s a perfect way to relax as a family or with close friends away from the stresses of everyday life.

8) Hold a games night

If you have a young family, and heading out for the night or away on a break is out of the question, you could host a games night instead. Invite family members, and play classics like charades or Jenga.

Earlier in the evening, go for games that can include the whole family, and then once the children have gone to bed, you can move onto more adult orientated activities, such as card games or quizzes.

9) Make a time capsule

One fun activity for adults and children alike, is to create a time capsule and bury it for future generations to find. Take a watertight and airtight container, and fill it with old, unwanted items from your home. Also include a letter that the discoverers can read to find out about you.

As an alternative, you could get everyone in the family to write their New Year’s resolutions down, seal them up, and then dig them out next year. This is an exciting way to see how everyone fared with their resolutions.

10) Stay in with a takeaway

If you’ve just had enough of parties and visitors over the festive period, there’s nothing wrong with staying in on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes the comfort of your own home is much more appealing than the crowded bars and restaurants.

Instead, order your favourite takeaway, and then settle down on the sofa and watch some TV or films, enjoying the peace and quiet.

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