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Luxury Art Deco

If you love all that’s dramatic, decorative and glamorous, the Luxury Art Deco look could be for you. This is a dark and decadent take on the popular tropical look, in luxurious jewel-inspired tones such as emerald and malachite.
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A crushed velvet sofa, velvet armchair or boldly coloured fabric sofa looks wonderful dressed with lavish piles of cushions in vivid tones and bold patterns.

Luxury Art Deco is all about oversized florals, leaves, fronds and ferns – displayed in every way, from cushions or decorative lamp bases to fabulously over the top statement wallpaper.

Add a rich glint with copper home accessories, antiqued brass or gold with metal framed side and console tables. Echo in the frame of a botanical print or mirror.

Mirrors are key to this look, from geometric retro mirrors to Art Deco style mirrored artwork. There’s plenty of elegant Art deco inspired furniture around to choose from, from that niche metal side table to statement velvet dining chairs.

Wall paper and picture rails are right back in fashion. Pair a large print wallpaper with a rich complementary colour above the picture rail to break up the space and add interest.

Accessorise with decorative lamps, oversized houseplants, velvet cushions, bold artwork and statement fringed rugs, and don’t be afraid to layer on the luxury. An antidote to pared back minimalism, the Luxury Art Deco look is unashamedly opulent.


Key colours: Think all that is rich, dark and decadent, with emeralds and other jewel inspired tones…

Key materials: Experiment with velvets, gold, mirrored and antique copper or brass finishes.

Style tips -

  • Embrace the glamour with bold hues, dashes of gold and antique brass, decorative accessories and marbled surfaces.
  • Make a statement with an opulent buttoned velvet sofa or chair.
  • Go maximalist with luxurious rugs, multiple lamps, cushions and lush house plants.

The home of inspiration

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