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Get the Look: 7 Ways to Create a Fabulous Glam Bedroom

Sumptuous cushioning, gorgeous upholstery, lavish details and cool elegant hues – the new glam bedroom looks fabulous and feels even better. Lush and plush, this is a style that’s classic and contemporary at the same time thanks to widespread influences – Art Deco design, English upholstery and more – and features a sophisticated colour palette and modern metallic accents. We hope you feel inspired by our 6 easy ideas to bring glam bedroom style to your very own retreat.
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Glam bedroom idea 1: The statement bed frame

A beautiful, glamorous bed frame with an imposing headboard is an easy way to instantly add glamour to any bedroom. Embellished with stitching and deeply cushioned, these bed frames with headboards are gorgeous to look at – and very comfortable to lean against (for when you’re glamorously languishing on your bed, reading a book). Opt for a colour from this season’s sophisticated glam colour palette – dusky pink, soft blue or cool grey – for a subtle approach to the glam bedroom.

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Glam bedroom idea 2: Perfectly placed pieces

Designing a glam bedroom isn’t just about sourcing those key pieces of glam furniture [Shop all glamour furniture PLP] like a sumptuous bed frame or a mirrored wardrobe. It’s more about picking a whole range of style elements – lighting, mirrors and wall art as well as smaller pieces of furniture and soft furnishings – that, when arranged in perfect harmony, convey elegant and refined glamour.

This is most definitely a look where every piece carries weight and has to be in step with the look. There’s simply no place for an inelegant bedside table, a too-rustic dressing table or an unforgivably floral cushion. Our favourite glam home accessories? Large framed mirrors that add depth to a living space alongside shimmering lighting fixtures like chandeliers and ceiling pendants.

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Glam bedroom idea 3: Marvellous metallics

At the heart of the new glamour look is a sense of understated opulence. It’s a look that whispers, rather than shouts, luxurious glamour style. Use metallics judiciously to convey this level of restrained glamour, choosing metal with a softer sheen – brass, copper and rose gold. The alternatives – polished stainless steel, chrome and silver – are just a little too shiny for this look.

Framed wall art is an easy way to add metallic sheen to your bedroom, but also look out for occasional furniture with gold-toned bases or accent details, and make a point of using metal in unexpected ways, perhaps in the form of a statement floor lamp.

Glam bedroom idea 4: The Hollywood glam look

At the heart of every glam bedroom is a gorgeous bedframe. Velvet-upholstered, lavishly buttoned, beautifully curved or sleigh style – this is the kind of bed frame that enjoyed starring roles in old Hollywood movies. And while this season's glam room colour scheme is muted and understated, we promise to forgive you if you decide to introduce a pop of glorious colour, such as a bright bold blue, into your glam bedroom scheme. If you do, be sure to keep other pieces suitably neutral and opt for sophisticated finishes – perhaps mirrored bedroom furniture or a sleek sliding door wardrobe.

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Glam bedroom idea 5: Cool and elegant tones

Colour is key to the modern glam bedroom look. Tones are pale and interesting – think pewter layered on off-white topped with the softest of greys. Even pops of colour are muted – old rose pink, faded lavender and even a gently washed blue. If you’re worried about this look being too pared-back and minimal, turn to texture to amplify the glamorously elegant feel. Fluffy rugs, velvet cushions and cashmere throws are guaranteed to add dimension to a subtle and elegant colour palette.


Glam bedroom idea 6: Style surprises

The glam bedroom may be, well, glamorous, but it shouldn’t feel too contrived. Strive for artless elegance and be sure to combine furniture and accessories in an unstudied way – nothing too perfect, nothing too matching. If you’re struggling to find typically glam bedroom furniture, think outside the box. Glam side tables and end tables – marble- or glass-topped and set on metal bases – make perfect bedside tables, and an upholstered and buttoned dining chair can serve as a gorgeous bedroom accent chair. Just let your imagination run free with the fabulousness of it all.

Glam bedroom idea 7: Deco decadence

Art Deco curves lend themselves perfectly to glam bedroom style, cleverly referencing a more glamorous era while staying perfectly on trend. If your budget can stretch to genuine period pieces – bed frames, wardrobes and the like – you need only accessorise with a few harmonious pieces, bringing texture and colour to soften the edges of lacquered wood furniture.

You can introduce genuine Deco style at a fraction of the price with accessories that have all the elements of the genuine article – geometric and fan-shaped motifs, bold embellished pendant lights and statement decorative wall art.

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