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Alternative Christmas Trees

Are you looking for something a little bit different this year? Do you have a small space and not enough room for a large Christmas tree? Don’t like pines dropping on your floor or perhaps you’re going eco-friendly this year? Whatever your reason, we’ve been looking for the best alternatives to a real pine Christmas tree and this is what we have found…
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Pop up Christmas tree

Feeling lazy? Or do you simple have absolutely no time to put up and decorate a Christmas tree? With so much happening over the festive period things can get a little bit frantic. But don’t worry, there are loads of time saving, no fuss, pop up Christmas trees available, simple place in the correct position and pop!

We really like this one from B&Q because it’s slim, pre lit and pre decorated! How quickly can you assemble yours?

Eco-friendly Christmas tree

If you’re concerned about the environment and don’t like the idea of cutting down a tree just for Christmas then there are several options for a more eco friendly Christmas. Why not try a recycled Cardboard Christmas tree? If you’re a bit clever when it comes to arts and crafts you could probably make your own, but we like this one from Nigel’s Eco Store.

A completely over the top tree

Because it’s Christmas and you can, and because sometimes you absolutely have to have a Christmas tree that has its own falling snow!

We found this cascading snow Christmas tree over at the Range and don't worry about the snow making a mess of your home, this tree cleverly has a snow catcher.

White Christmas tree

Because there is definitely going to be snow this year, why don’t you think about getting a white Christmas tree?

We love this tree from Festive Lights because it’s got a nice realistic shape and with that lovely neutral background you can really go to town with colourful decorations.

And even if it doesn't snow (it is going to snow) you can still have your own white Christmas in your home

Wall sticker Christmas tree

For a tree that takes up absolutely no floor space how about a wall sticker Christmas tree? We really like this snowflake Christmas tree wall sticker from All Things Brighton Beautiful.

They say that their wall stickers are very easy to apply and remove, they leave no marks so are perfect for rental properties and this tree comes in 23 different colours.

So there really is a tree for everyone no matter what space you have to fill or what taste you want to satisfy. No matter what tree you get we hope that you have a wonderful Christmas full of lots of festive joy.

The home of inspiration

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