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Looking for essentials for university life? Stop right here. From desks to storage beds, we have everything for setting up home.
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Heading off to university is a big moment in anyone’s life, especially when it comes to moving out and setting up a home of your own. Though the need to kit out a new home from scratch can be daunting, don’t worry – here at Furniture Village, you can get all of those bigger furniture pieces as well as the smaller essentials to ease the transition into student life. Read on for our tips on how to make your student pad functional, cool, and full of personality.

University Furniture Guide


Perhaps more important than any other piece of furniture is a brand new desk. It’s important to think about your needs, lifestyle and study habits first, before making a choice.

A good quality desk is essential, as this is somewhere you’ll no doubt be spending an awful lot of time - whether writing a lengthy dissertation or doing last-minute revision.

Here are some things to take into account:

  • What type of work will you be doing? Do you occasionally study at a desk using a laptop, or are you in need of something large enough to accommodate a desktop computer? Is your work quite self-contained, or do you need access to lots of files? If it’s the former, a simple desk might do but you’ll want to consider an L-shaped desk for extra storage if it’s the latter.

  • How much space do you have? It seems obvious, but don’t forget to measure your new room (including doorways for access!) so you don’t have an impossible Twister situation. Luckily, It's easy to get a desk delivered and our Premier Service Delivery Team will even install your furniture for you.

  • If space is at a premium in your student digs, a corner desk might be the answer.

  • Equally, if you’ve already got textbooks coming out of your ears and know that you need plenty of storage, a desk with an inbuilt bookcase or extra drawers underneath is ideal.


Inevitably, you’ll need a chair for your desk. For maximum comfort, we suggest an office chair and while it’s tempting to scrimp on a chair - it’s important to get the right one for you. The investment will be worth it to make sure you maintain good posture, helping you to remain alert, healthy and to avoid future back problems. If you don’t like the look of office chairs, then a cool wooden chair - such as this one from Ercol looks stylish with a desk and is a piece you can treasure for years.



Faced with unfurnished accommodation? A new bed allows you to choose the right comfort level for you as well as being a great way to personalise your interior. We’ve got a huge range to choose from, from wooden to upholstered, For smaller student rooms, a divan with storage is a great space-saving option.

If your new pad is furnished, investing in a good mattress can be a worthwhile option (after all, nothing aids study like a good night's sleep)! Mattresses in student accommodation and rented houses often leave much to be desired, so if you’re in a position to buy one, it can make all the difference.

At Furniture Village, you can choose mattresses by our comfort scale - 1 for soft, 2 for medium, 3 for firm and 4 for extra-firm. Our mattresses all come with Guardsman protection for accidental damage, and a 40 night comfort guarantee. If you’re unsure of your preferred comfort rating, our mattress buying guide will give you all the information you need.

Think about whether you prefer pocket sprung, open coil, memory foam, latex mattresses, or a combination one. Do your research and soon you’ll be sleeping easy, thankful as your peers endure sleepless nights by the time dissertations are due!


… And the accessories

Setting off for what’s often the first time living alone can be daunting but the little finishing touches will start to make a new house or flat feel like home.

First up, cosy cushions and throws. Of course, soft furnishings and textiles will give a rented room instant personality so they’re perfect for a student room of any size, especially if you can’t paint or customise the walls. A few patterned cushions and a throw will look great and really brighten up a tired space - try geometric patterns or palm prints for a truly on-trend look. A textured throw will cover up a standard-issue sofa and bring some luxury into the room.

On the lighting side, student homes can often be bright and glaring with strip lights and less-than-atmospheric fittings. Tackle this by adding a desk lamp - one for working, and one next to the bed. Don’t forget a bedside cabinet for resting it on - one with drawers is ideal for stashing textbooks for those late-night revision sessions.

On the walls, art can really brighten up a shared space - the bigger and more impactful - the better. Finally, a mirror or two can maximise the appearance of light and give the illusion of more space. We’ve all been trapped in accommodation with no full-length mirror, so invest in one of these, plus a smaller one for getting ready in the morning.

The home of inspiration

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