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Be Bold and Beautiful in 2015

If it’s raining as you read this—and chances are it is—you may be in need of a change from the dreary grey of the outside world. This season’s hottest home décor trend could be the answer. Think rich jewel tones, deep dark navy and teal blues, brilliant chartreuse and lavender grey. It’s dramatic and stunning, but rich and warm too.
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The really great news is that this is a trend that works well on a smaller scale, so instead of repainting your walls peacock blue (lovely though that would look), simply invest in a few key furniture accessories. An unusual table lamp with a blue shade. A series of large cushions scattered across a beige sofa. Coloured glass arranged on a side table. A throw over the armchair. Given the right neutral backdrop, stylish and elegant can also be bold and beautiful.

Want to take this gorgeous trend just a little bit further? A large living room rug can anchor the whole look and allow you to be more restrained with your jewel-toned accents. Or opt for a plush fabric sofa or statement chair and bring this trend home in a truly comfortable way.

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As well as being built for relaxation, our Roxy corner chaise sofa sits squarely on the bright and bold trend. It’s available in more than a dozen colours, including blue, grey and purple.

Gloriously patterned and softly textured, our Peacock rug is a great way to underpin this vibrant trend in your living room.

Rich and luxurious, the Isabelle armchair is dramatic in style and dramatic in colour. Its soft, velvety fabric is the perfect blue.

Low investment but high impact, the Harlequin large silk blue cushion is perhaps the easiest way to bring this trend into your home.

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