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Be Inspired By Our 6 Best Selling Lighting Ideas and Trends

Dark nights need bright or mood enhancing lights so this month we round up six of our best-selling lights...
Design Inspiration

1.Give your living room the wow factor with the help of our vibrant Lounge Floor Lamp and its sleek chrome base which radiates light with the help of individual blown glass shades.

Available in different colours to suit all contemporary interiors; modern lighting doesn’t get much better than this.

2.Perfecting the polished chrome look can take a lot of time and effort, but the rewards are endless with this timeless classic.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that our modern Rock Floor Lamp continues to be one of our biggest-selling lighting accessories.

Standing at 147cms tall, its sheer size is visually impressive. Team it with a neutral interior to make it stand out in any room. Or use its quirky design in areas which are not flooded with natural light. Either way, it’s a real eye catcher.

3.The retro revival is showing no signs of stopping just yet.

Now you can create that 1950s cinema chic feel in your own home by opting for our classy Chrome Tripod Spotlight.

This simple, sleek and stunning stage lamp is a nod to a bygone era full of charm. Perfect as a finishing touch, or to create a centre piece which will get people talking.

5.Coastal furniture and nautical interiors continue to prove popular with interior designers. Compliment yours and give it a unique twist with this Argenta floor lamp.

An imposing statement piece at 160cms in height, this resin-moulded design looks exactly like textured wood. Fortunately, it’s far easier to clean and look after. So all you have to worry about is where to place it to show off its full potential.

6.Taking inspiration from the popular Opaline pendant lights which were fashionable during the early 20th century, the Gaucho pendant light is a retro style lamp and is a bold choice.

Its white gloss painted metal and wood shade cups and distributes light evenly, whilst the twisted braided flex cable will ensure it hangs elegantly above any dining table.

The home of inspiration

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