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4 Brilliant Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedrooms are obviously for sleeping and relaxing, but you can easily be overwhelmed with clothes, laundry, shoes and other clutter which can make that impossible.
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Whether you need extra space in your master bedroom or need to organise a messy kids’ bedroom, these four bedroom storage ideas can help and turn your space into a clutter-free retreat.

Discover extra space under the bed

Your bed generally takes up the most floor space in your bedroom, so why not use its underneath to create more space?

Our Miles ottoman double bed provides lots of extra space for clothing, bedding, or whatever other clutter you need to store away. Upholstered in a neutral fabric of your choice, its lift-up storage area is easy to use and a very practical storage solution.

Store Things Beautifully

A bedside cabinet is the perfect solution for storing away all those little necessities while adding a sleek and contemporary focal point to your bedroom.

Crafted from oak, this Dixon three-drawer cabinet is finished with a gorgeous white wash oak veneer which will transform your bedroom into an elegant focal point.

Compliment your bedside cabinet with one of our table lamps to add a little extra design flair or combine with some colourful wall art or your favourite personal items.

Think vertically

If you’re tight on floor space, it pays to think vertically.

Instead of a bedside cabinet, use a bookshelf to give yourself extra bedroom storage space. In addition to the storage provided by the shelves, our Old Charm bookcase is perfect for displaying small items or elegant ornaments.

If you want to keep clutter hidden away, the beautiful Ambriella Double Wardrobe features shelves, drawers and hanging rails which are perfect for storing clothes and other items you love but don’t want on show.

Don’t dismiss dressing tables

Dressing tables may take up quite a lot of space, but they’re ideal if you lack a dedicated spot for doing your make-up or storing your most precious jewellery.

Effortlessly bold and elegant, our ALF St Moritz dressing table is made from solid wood with koto veneers and will give you plenty of storage.

Add a bit more character by pairing it with one of our table lamps and you’ll soon have a bedroom which is much calmer and easier to relax in.


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