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5 Alternative Ways to Store Your Clothing

In modern homes where space is often a premium, the challenge to keep our bedrooms organised and clutter free gets almost becomes a challenge. As a result, we’ve had to get creative about how and where we store our things. Here are five of our suggestions for the style and space savvy:
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1. Under Bed Storage

These days, the humble double bed can be much more than just a place to sleep, and is well worth the investment if space is tight. Ottoman beds, with a lift up base, give the majority of their interior space for storage, with a double bed thought to have roughly the equivalent storage space to a double wardrobe. Other upholstered divan bases include drawers underneath, and now come in a range of stylish fabrics intended to be left exposed and easily accessible. Bed frames also often leave ample space for freestanding drawers and storage boxes – with many bed frame ranges offering matching or complimentary products. These are all ideal places to store bulky items like winter coats, chunky knits, sportswear, spare bed linen or towels.

And it’s not just for adults – cabin or bunk style beds are the perfect combination of fun and functional in a child’s small bedroom. The space under the raised bed is ideal for a slot away desk, a chest of drawers or storage cubes to hide clothes and toys alike.

2. Use Height

From a design concept perspective, many interior designers encourage us to think about available space as a 3D matrix, and to fill a room with furniture and accessories of varying heights and widths for a dynamic effect. However, where space is short, thinking vertical for storage solutions can be equally helpful. In many older properties, floor space may be short, but you can find there are ceiling heights of 10ft plus which, unused, is just dead space. ‘Floating’ wall mounted shelves, or wall mounted cabinets are excellent in these cases. Positioned just above head height, these can be handy places for any number of items. Cupboards are great for any number of stackable and foldable items of clothes, as well as shoes and bags; whilst exposed shelves used with storage baskets and boxes makes for stylish, easy to access storage for smaller pieces.

Similarly, open shelving units – for example leaning, ladder-style shelves – use wall space instead of floor space, and make excellent storage solutions without dominating a small room. Again, these combined with storage baskets and boxes work particularly well for smaller items and accessories.

3. Tallboy Dressers

We tend to think of chests of drawers in terms of lower and wider pieces, but ‘tallboy’ dressers can pack just as much storage punch and in less floor space. Usually no wider than a bedside table, these can be slotted neatly beside a bed, in place of a bedside table, with a pendant plug-in light dropping alongside it. They are also ideal in narrow gaps at the side of a fireplace, with the top kept clutter free and a statement mirror or art work above it.

4. Sliding Doors

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal option to maintain a sleek, streamline appearance where floor space is tight. They free up valuable space but without compromising on the storage capacity inside. Although normally found on larger, built-in wardrobes, a number of freestanding options are now available for the more boutique bedroom. At the right height, these can offer excellent hanging space, and can include shelving space either above or below the rail.

Mirrored sliding doors are also an invaluable asset – creating an illusion of light and space to open up a small room.

5. Soft Furnishings

For a bijou-bedroom, smaller items can be easily stored in items traditionally seen as more decorative pieces. Storage footstools and ottomans, for example, take up minimal space and can look very chic positioned at the end of a bed, but are equally great for un-used seasonal items. The trend for decorative, vintage-inspired suitcases and trunks too works really well for the space squeezed – these look great slotted into awkward dead spaces like under window sills or below low ceilings and can hold an array of smaller items, like jewellery and accessories.


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