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5 different bedroom wardrobe styles and how to make them work

With a wealth of choices – from vintage French to minimalistic – finding your perfect wardrobe can be a challenge. Here we to explore various styles, and how they fit into broader décor themes.
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Wardrobes are one of the most important pieces of furniture to get right in your bedroom. Due to their size and stature, a wardrobe can set the tone and style of the space more than most other elements – and, if you get it wrong, it can really detract from the décor theme you were trying to go for. A clean-cut, modern wardrobe in a space that’s supposed to be rustic and textured will instantly downgrade the overall feel of the room – even if the wardrobe is top of the range. Here, we look at five popular décor themes and the wardrobes that go with them.

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Classic contemporary: Eaton

Characterised by uncluttered space with simple furnishings, a classic contemporary bedroom will never go out of style. This theme focuses on space, classic shapes and colour for a fundamentally clean but elegant look. And that’s why the Eaton Wardrobe is perfect for it, featuring smooth, clean lines without any overbearing curves or intricate details. In shades of white and grey with a contrasting oak top and full-length mirror, this wardrobe is stylish, functional and sophisticated.

How to work the look:

To soften the solid appearance of the Eaton range, add an upholstered bed frame with a tailored fabric. A plain or patterned rug, layered fabrics or geometric artwork will add luxury and warmth to the room.

Vintage French Style: Daphne

Going for the vintage French style is all about embracing elegance, nostalgia and old-school charm. And that’s exactly what our Daphne range offers. Providing a modern take on ‘Parisian chic’, it proves there’s no need to own a swanky Parisian apartment or a country home in Provence to enjoy a little je ne sais quoi in your bedroom. This Daphne Wardrobe combines the effortless taste of classic French style with the practicality of contemporary bedroom storage. It features traditional ornate details, including scalloped edges, tapered legs and curved metal handles, making it the perfect addition to your stylish interior.

How to work the look:

To nail this style your colour palette should really be neutral and light, incorporating lots of lovely soft pastels and pale, dreamy tones. But while the walls should be a light shade, don’t feel obliged to stick to cream or white. Airy blues, sage greens and dusky pinks are very French, and will work just as well through your bedding and accessories as they do for your walls. Next, dress your bed with crisp, luxurious bed linen embroidered with lace, and accessories with broderie edged pillowcases, woollen or crochet-effect throws and accent cushions in floral fabrics.

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Traditional: California

A traditional bedroom is easy to love because of its welcoming cottage-esque style. The look is all about keeping things calm and casual to maintain a sense of comfort and warmth. For this reason, wooden wardrobes tend to work best, as they provide more texture than other options. This California Wardrobe perfectly embraces all things traditional, with a light oak finish, an overhanging top and panelled doors for a cosy, rustic look. Pairing this wardrobe with the matching bed frame with beside tables on either side provides the comforting symmetry associated with traditional decor.

How to work the look:

Mid-range tones are typical of traditional styling as well as very dark and very light colours – but there’s no place for garish brights or fluorescents. It’s also important to avoid jarring colour combinations as this can confuse and disturb the orderly fashion of traditional design. To make things a little interesting, incorporate traditional patterns such as florals, stripes and plaids in your cushions and fabrics for a homey look.

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Retro: Ercol

While there’s nothing laid back about retro styling, (get rid of any inhibitions you may have about mixing bright colours, wild patterns and funky accessories), it’s important to choose a furniture style with a clean and sleek profile. This ercol Rimini 2 Door Wardrobe is the perfect example. Angular but elegant with tapered legs, its perfect for rooms that play on a 50’s/60’s theme. The strong, sculpted appearance means it will stand its ground amongst any loud and busy surroundings.

5 wardrobe styles_ercol rimini

How to work the look:

The fact this wardrobe is crafted from a light solid oak means you can experiment with colours and textures elsewhere in the room. Brighter retro colours can include, avocado green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange, whilst deeper jewel tones such as royal blue, purple and ruby red will add luxury to the space. Complete the look with the Rimini bed frame – which has a clean, linear silhouette making way for quirky accessories. To nail the retro look, incorporate fun patterns into your bedding such as tie-dye fabrics, checked cushions and elaborate paisley prints. Finally, accent your room with more intriguing (groovy?!) textures such as fuzzy throws and shaggy rugs.

Minimalist: Perth

If you’ve never understood the appeal of wild colours, random patterns or ornate details then you’ll love minimalist interior design. Despite the misconception, it doesn’t have to mean a room empty of texture and coloured only in black and white. Instead, it’s all about styling for function and stripping back any unnecessary details, embracing a ‘less is more’ approach. Our Perth range will help create that fuss-free look. The Rauch Perth Wardrobe features a shiny glass front, chrome handles and space saving sliding doors, perfect for those who like to keep their bedroom cool, contained and calm. The clean and streamlined minimalist look is achieved through the use of different textures such as the full-length mirror and the glass finish.

How to work the look:

Complete your look with a stylish minimal bed frame topped with solid-coloured bedding, a simple throw and a few cushions. Maintaining harmony and balance is key to a minimalistic bedroom, so add the matching Perth beside chest on either side of your bed to keep your furniture evenly arranged. Finally, don’t fuss over additional details such as ruffles or trims on your bed, and keep accessories to a minimum. Do feel free to incorporate a few key functional pieces such as table or floor lamps, a subtle rug and an interesting piece of artwork. So there you have it, five gorgeous pieces from our wardrobe collection and how to work them. Now all’s that’s left to do is pick a theme, and stick to it.

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