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9 ways to make your bed the cloud-comfortable dream you deserve

Is your bed heavenly? Make it so with our tips on how to create an ultra-comfortable bed designed for hypnotic relaxation.
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At the end of each day, are you falling asleep only because you need to sleep, or do you drift into your dreamworld because your bed is so unbelievably comfy?

If your answer is the latter, well done! You can safely navigate away with a smug smile and the reassurance of a bed well made. Or, stick around to find out ways to make it even better.

But, if the only reason you fall asleep at night is because you’re simply exhausted, it might be time to give your bed a much-needed revamp. There’s nothing quite like that cloud-like feeling you get when you sink into a comfy bed, and it can lead to the best sleep ever.

So, we’ve got nine ways to help you bring next level, blissful, the-stuff-dreams-are-(literally)-made-of comfort to your bed.

1. Invest in the best mattress possible

It’s easy to underestimate the benefits of a good mattress. That is, until you spend a night tossing and turning on a sagging, lumpy, too soft or too hard behemoth that seems intent on treating you to a dose of back pain for the night.

As a general rule, you should replace your mattress every seven years, although you can do it earlier if you’ve started to experience muscle aches, pain or stiffness after a night’s sleep. Before buying a new mattress, make like Goldilocks and physically try out all the different types available so you can figure out what works best for you.

Once you’ve found the type of mattress you prefer – whether that’s pocket sprung like our Hypnos Mattresses, or another type – go for the best you can afford. Investing in a high-quality mattress that supports you properly makes a world of difference when it comes to your sleep experience, and is a crucial first step to creating your perfect bed haven.

2. Pair with good quality sheets

A good quality mattress must be dressed with fresh sheets to give your bed that cloud-like quality you’re aiming for. Give your bed the swanky-hotel treatment by choosing sheets with a thread count of 300 or more, and going for fine cotton such as Egyptian or pima, or the lighter Percale for the summer months.

As with your mattress, your sheets can take your bed from only-okay to soft-and-sumptuous. Also think about whether you need hypoallergenic sheets, or if you need breathable fabrics to help keep you cool during the night. If you sweat in your sleep, for example, fabrics with moisture-wicking properties like cotton, silk, bamboo and linen are far better than polyester or synthetic ones.

3. Layer with plenty of throws

Once your sheets are sorted, add a series of light layers to your bed to help you keep warm and cosy without any added weight.

Whether you go for a memory foam mattress topper for extra support, a quilted mattress cover for fluffy softness, a heated throw or thermal blanket for the winter months, or a down comforter for snugness, there are plenty of layering options to make your bed feel heavenly.

So, if you’d like to take the firm-feeling Hypnos Revive Ortho Silk Pocket Sprung Mattress to a softer level, layering your bedding with some choice throws can be the best way to go about it.

4. Go overboard on the pillows

Granted, for those of us who relish the plush feel of multiple pillows, there’s no such thing as “going overboard”.

But, if you’re a multi-pillow novice and long for that cosy Nirvana that multiple pillows promise, we’ve got three rules to make it easier to achieve the perfect pillow consistency for your bed:

  1. Start with ultra-large backing pillows placed along the headboard. These are used primarily for support, and should be fluffy and yielding.

  2. The next layer is the pillow you use for actual sleeping. Whether you go for down, fibre or memory foam, it’s important to pick one you’re comfortable sleeping on.

  3. As a finishing touch, add in a few decorative pillows or scatter cushions in different soft textures such as velvet, silk or faux fur. These can be removed from the bed when it’s time to sleep, so be as creative as you like.

5. Go soft on lighting

As you’re enveloped in the softest throws, sinking into layers of pillows, and relishing the softness of your new Hypnos mattress, you could put one other factor to work to enhance that cloud-like feel.

Warm, soft lighting can do wonders to make your bed feel peaceful and tranquil, and layered lighting takes it a step further by adding dimension and dynamism to your room. Hang copper wire string lights across your headboard, buy electronic flickering candles for your bedside cabinet, and hang a pendant light that casts a warm glow. When it comes to your bedside lamps, consider installing dimmer switches so you can easily tone down or dial up between mood and task lighting.

6. Choose colours wisely

Another background factor that can dramatically affect the vibe of your room is the colour scheme.

While blue is best to make you feel sleepy, pastel shades can make you feel more relaxed. Plus, cool tones like greys and silvers can help lower blood pressure and earthy tones like browns, yellows and greens create a zen-like environment.

For your bedding, choose whichever colours make you feel the most calm and content; not forgetting the option of an all-white bed for that spa-like feel.

7. Soften surfaces with fluffy rugs

After a night of unadulterated comfort in your plush bedding, stepping out of bed onto a cold, hard floor can be an unpleasant assault on your senses.

Ease yourself gently away from that oasis of cosiness by placing an extra-fluffy area rug under your bed. There’s a wide variety of faux fur options to choose from, but it goes without saying that the deepest pile and the softest feel is the way to go for ultimate comfort.

8. Incorporate sleep tech options

While the tide of popular opinion seems increasingly moving away from electronics in the bedroom, there are some technology-based options that might actually enhance your sleep or relaxation experience.

While an advance-design mattress like the Hypnos Revive Lustrous Alpaca Pocket Sprung Mattress with 1600 zoned reactive, individual 8-turn pocket springs can provide the foundation to help you drift blissfully into sleep, sleep tech such as sleep and dream apps, white-noise sound machines and enhanced sleeping masks can all contribute to a more peaceful and tranquil bedtime.

9. Create a bedtime routine

Of course, no amount of meticulous bed preparation will work if you’re frantic, rushed or anxious in the run-up to bedtime.

Prepare your mind and body for comfort and relaxation by establishing a bedtime routine that starts at least half an hour before bed. Dim the lights, play some calming music and light some aromatherapy candles to create a meditative, calm feel. Then, slowly and purposefully pull back your sheets, get into bed, and then take a few minutes to be alone with your thoughts and take stock of your day.

With all the work you’ve done to make your bed as comfortable as possible, it won’t be long before you’ve drifted blissfully off to sleep.

Crafting a comfy bed can be somewhat of an art form. From finding the perfect mattress and choosing the right bedding to taking into account lighting and colour schemes, there are a lot of factors at play. With our tips above, hopefully you have plenty of ideas to get you started on your journey towards that perfect, look-forward-to-it-all-day bed.


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