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5 luxurious bedroom buys for the new season

Want a bedroom that looks lifted from the glossy pages of an A/W interior decor magazine? Find out how with these six luxurious buys for the new season.
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We’d all love a luxury bedroom lifted from the glossy pages of an A/W interior magazine. From four-poster beds to grand mahogany furnishings and roaring fireplaces – it’s a look that lavishly exudes oh-so-wintery warmth. But there’s another way to add a splash of luxury to your bedroom, with one (or two) of our best Autumn/Winter bedroom buys …

1. Bring in a headboard

The focal point of any boudoir is, of course, the bed. If yours is more of an elevated mattress than a masterpiecehowever, or you just want a way to take it up a notch and transform your bed (and bedroom for that matter) –then get yourself a headboard.

Once a thing to keep out cold drafts, headboards have lost their practical uses and now they’re all about style.An eye-catching feature for any room, they reframe your bed and uplift your bedroom with a dash of panache.Select something to accentuate your bed –a shape, a colour, or a fascinating fabric that will lift the whole room. Upholstered, wool and rustic wood are just some of the materials making it into this season’s luxurious looks.

If you want to make a striking statement, we love the Silent Night Alexa Headboard. Floor standing and impressive in height, it features a curved silhouette, winged sides, sumptuous padding and beautiful upholstery.

If you prefer the classic look, why not try the Emily Wooden Headboard? In ivory or oak, it oozes elegance with a two-tone finish for a traditional and timeless take on Autumn/Winter style.

2. Make a statement with your mirror

The mirror is an interior designer’s gift – and for good reason, too. It creates the illusion of more space, opensany area and can alter the ambience of a room in an instant.

Go for something to show off your style in the same way your favourite photograph or piece of art would. If you really want to bring opulence to the fore, be bold and go for a carved, ornate or gilded mirror. We particularlylove a gold, rose gold or bronzed finish to add a luxurious touch to any space. If you’re feeling creative, you may consider multiple mirrors for a quirky, eclectic vibe.

3. The rug under the bed

There’s no better feeling than climbing out of your bed and your bare feet touching a thick, luxurious rug. Especially when it comes to these chilly, blustery months where we crave both style and snuggly warmth.

If you want to really impress, an under-the-bed rug is the ideal luxury buy for those cold mornings, as well as giving your bedroom that all-important makeover for the new season. Make sure your rug extends at least 1 foot around the exterior of your bed, allowing it to define the area as well as acting as a border for your bed. Feel free to extend it further but, whatever you do, try to make sure it’s even on both sides so that is frames your bed symmetrically.

When it comes to the type of rug, shaggy rugs, plush rugs and faux fur will give you the textured warmth you’ll be longing for this season, as well as plenty of lavish charm.

4. Benches and blanket boxes

What could be more extravagant than having a bench at the end of the bed? Whether this is to comfily perch on while getting ready, to rest your towels, blankets or other bedroom belongings – they’re a luxury. And they’re aseamless choice for seating, sophistication… and style.

If your bedroom is pared back, a bench with plush velvet or contrasting fabric upholstery will stand out and add a layer of luxury to the space. If you want to something that truly makes a statement, patterns are the perfect way to pick up and lift colours throughout – think pretty florals or a daring stripe. Alternatively, a simple wooden blanket box ties in well with your room whatever your style and provides useful storage - somewhere to keep all those extra blankets for the chilly nights to come...

5. Bedside lighting

When it comes to your lighting, it’s main purpose might be practicality, but it’s no good unless it enhances the room, too.

Matching bedside lamps either side of your bed provide useful lighting and give your bed an ambient glow. Opt for a metal base over plastic, preferably with classic, metallic colours, as well as unique shapes and detailing to really draw attention. Short, squat reading lamps won’t do the trick this time – the more opulent and excessive the better. As for the symmetry? According to the laws of Feng Shui (the Chinese laws of spatial arrangement), this is not only a great look but will bring great energy to your room, too. We love The Amber Table Lamp for something that ticks all the boxes and looks great in pairs.

Voila! An Autumn/Winter bedroom worthy of any award-winning interior magazine – and we didn’t need thatfour-poster bed and lavish mahogany furnishings to get there. Instead, it’s all about those finer details – from therug under your feet to the lighting overhead (and on your bedside tables, of course). Now all that’s left to do is to get snuggled up and cosy in your brand new, infinitely stylish and absolutely autumn-friendly boudoir.


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