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From Simba to Presto, it’s never been easier (and faster) to roll out the comfort

Needing a new mattress is very much like needing a haircut – as soon as you realise you could do with one, you really don’t want to wait. Another terrible hair day is one thing, but facing another uncomfortable night’s sleep on a sagging or lumpy mattress is a whole different matter. We all need a good night’s sleep.
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Perhaps that’s roll-up mattresses are proving so popular. They’re vacuum packed, easy to transport and quick and easy to unroll, and most can be delivered or picked up in under a week.

At Furniture Village we have some of the biggest brand roll-up mattresses. We’re delighted to announce that we are now stocking the hugely popular Simba mattress. With its unique combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam it offers a fantastically comfortable night’s sleep.


As well as Simba, we’ve plenty of other choices from the big brands. The Myers roll up mattresses are available in memory foam, latex or with pocket springs – we love the Myers Modern Latex bed, made of high density foam topped with all natural, naturally breathable latex.

The Avanti roll up mattress is superbly comfortable, made in Italy by Dormeo. It pampers you with generous layers of memory foam and next-generation Ecocell foam, giving you support just where you need it.

Presto offers a wide choice of roll up mattresses, you’ll find pocket sprung, memory foam or a combination of both – as in the Presto Memory Pocket 1000 with pocket springs encased in memory foam for superb pressure relief and a breathable cover that keeps you cool all night long. It’s an online exclusive and comes with a 40 night comfort trial.

The Sleepshaper Natural 1000 mattress has 1000 pocket springs wrapped in memory foam and topped with breathable natural wool, perfect for a blissful night’s sleep. And last, but certainly not least, the Silentnight Mattress-Now 2 zone memory foam mattress gives edge to edge support and has a three-zone support system for improved spinal alignment – it’s great value, and a Which Magazine best buy.

Our roll up mattresses come with a 40 night comfort guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied you can exchange your mattress for a different one of the same size, if you’re not sleeping comfortably.

Are you in need of a better mattress, and fast? Order a roll up mattress from Furniture Village, and you could be sleeping soundly much sooner than you expected.


6 reasons for choosing a roll up mattress

  1. There’s a wider choice than ever, including next generation memory foam and pocket springs.
  2. They’re environmentally friendly. More mattresses fit in delivery vans, so less fuel is used delivering them. Here’s to a lower carbon footprint!
  3. It’s easier to manoeuvre them into your bedroom. No more struggling through doorways, a vacuum-packed mattress can be carried in with absolutely no fuss.
  4. They’re easy to keep in stock, so no long order times – and you get fast delivery.
  5. They fit in your car, so you can collect your mattress yourself if you live near one of our depots.

They’re ready in a few hours. Watch your roll-up mattress restore to full size, usually within two hours. Any new mattress smell should disappear within a few days, providing your bedroom is well ventilated.


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