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How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

For bright and brilliant days, you need to secure the perfect night’s sleep.
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How we perform when we are awake depends so much on our night times that it really pays to do your research when it comes to buying a new bed frame.

Here is our advice on getting the right one for a truly relaxing rest every time you shut your eyes.

Size Matters

The first thing to consider when buying a new bed frame is how much space you have to play with.

If you have an existing bedframe in the room where you are looking to add a replacement, this will help you with your decision.

Does your current bedframe take up too much room? Are the proportions correct? Could you sacrifice more room space for a bigger bedframe or the other way round?

If the room is without a bed, use masking tape to mark out different bedframe sizes to help you visualise what works and what doesn’t.

If the room is completely without furniture, be careful to envisage all of the other items of furniture you plan to fill the room with, such as wardrobes and a dressing table. You don’t want to discover you haven’t accounted enough space for something important later down the line.

How high?

Yes, it’s another tape measure task but one thing that many people often fail to consider is the height of a bedframe.

These can really vary and give a totally different look and feel depending on what you choose.

A high bedframe adds a sense of grandeur to a room and can also make a room look bigger as if it also has open sides, it will reveal more of the floor space.

A low bedframe can create a feeling of peace with a zen-like nod to Japanese design and the famed close to the ground futon.

You might also like to think about how you use your bed when not sleeping. If you like to lay across it to read or watch television, a low one may not be suitable, for example.

Snooze in style

Once you have an idea of the dimensions you want your new bed frame to have, you can start the fun business of looking at different designs.

There are lots to choose from so you could begin by selecting your favourite material.

Do you want a comfortable bed frame that’s covered in fabric? Does something made of highly-polished metal catch your eye? Or perhaps you prefer the natural beauty of wood?

From luxurious leather bed frames, to grand oak bedsteads and metal bedframes with intricate detailing, there are lots of options to consider when choosing one to suit your style.

When deciding on the design, consider the styles and textures of the other items of furniture in the bedroom, as well as the overall colour scheme. You may want a bed frame that perfectly matches your current aesthetic, or you may want to introduce new textures, such as metal or leather.

Put other uses in the frame

The primary purpose of a bed is, of course, somewhere for us to rest our heads at the end of the day but many modern bedframes also offer other uses.

Ottoman or divan bedframes have hidden storage either in drawers accessible from the sides, or in a gap underneath the mattress.

Here, you can put clothes, shoes, books, toys, toiletries, in fact, anything that you need to put away.

Today’s bed frames are not exempt from the onset of technology either. There are bedframes with inbuilt lights, climate control cooling and heating, media charging points and even televisions available.

Don’t forget the mattress!

Finally, we recommend investing in a new mattress when purchasing a new bed frame. Mattresses should be replaced at least every eight years and simply buying a new bed frame is very much a false economy – as is putting a new mattress on an old bedframe.

Whether you prefer a memory foam mattress or coil sprung, replace and purchase your bed frame and mattress together and you can look forward to a guaranteed good nights’ sleep.


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