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New romantic

Creating a rich and sumptuous environment, here deep cobalt combines with romantic pink to offer a peaceful, inviting sanctuary for rest and relaxation.
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new romantichero

Set upon rich blue, pink has matured and taken on a modern masculinity. Accessories are kept to a minimum allowing the contrasting colours to take centre stage, while the linens are clean and understated.

new romantic_collage 1
new romantic_collage 2


Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Need some big design ideas for a small bedroom? You’re in the right place.
Hints & Tips Design Inspiration
A bedroom needs to be relaxing, and the best way to create a serene space is with a neutral colour – right now the most popular neutral with designers is grey.
Hints & Tips Design Inspiration
Pink hues continue to be popular in interior design, from dusky hues to ice cream shades.