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Perfecting the neutral look for your baby’s bedroom

Love the neutral look for kids’ rooms (goodbye gender stereotyping!), we look at how to create the perfect neutral space for your little one.
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Just what does the 21st century baby bedroom look like? Read on to find out.

There are many reasons to opt for a neutral look in your baby’s bedroom. Whether you’resomeone who wants the sex of your newborn to be a beautiful surprise, or you simply want to remove the rigid stereotypes of gender altogether (hello 21st century!) – this trend is officially on the rise. It’s all about letting go of pink vs blue, flowers vs football and tutus vs trucks in favour of a neutral space for your bundle of joy. Here are some top tips on how to work the look.

1. Building a neutral base

When it comes to your baby’s bedroom, build a neutral base that can be dressed up with accents later. Why not choose white for a serene space and a clean, calm look that offers a cloud-like atmosphere for your little one? If you prefer a base colour that will add more warmth to the room, opt for earthier tones such as cream, beige, wheat and stone.

And don’t just take our word for it! In a survey by Houzz and Airbnb, it was revealed that times are changing with over half of respondents citing white as the dominant choice in their child’s room ahead of blue. Interestingly, grey was also a more popular pick than pink. It seems we’re on to something here…

2. Furniture for the future

Another great reason to go for a neutral base is the fact that it will grow in time with your tot. Furniture too, because of its often pricey nature, should outlast your baby’s first birthday and beyond.

Ercol furniture is a fitting choice because of its timeless beauty. When it comes to story time, go for the Ercol Originals Chairmakers Rocking Chair for a classic keepsake that will be enjoyed by both you and your child for years. And consider the Ercol Bosco Storage Benchfor stowing away toys. Finally, the Ercol Bosco 5 Drawer Wide Chest is specially built for compact storage, which is a blessing at a time when your baby has a constant influx of needs from nappies, bibs, baby grows, sleepsuits, lotions and more.

3. Accents using colour, texture and patterns

Adding some accents to your little one’s space will bring their bedroom to life with personality. The most popular way to do this is through colour, but is also achievable through textures, patterns, shapes and more.

When it comes to colour, there’s no reason to avoid it just because baby-boy-blue and pretty-girl-pink aren’t in the picture. Try sunshine yellow for a bright and happy feel or, if you’re looking for something more mellow, try layering greens in an array of shades from mint to olive to seafoam. It’ll give a calm, cool and collected look. This is by no means the limit, though. Muted oranges, turquoises and teals are just some amongst many other colours that parents are choosing to highlight the neutral look.

Layering the room with textures is another bold way to add accents, especially as they – unlike colours – tend to be completely free of gender stereotyping. Do this by incorporating plenty of soft fabrics in the form of blankets and throws, as well as fluffy pillows and thick rugs. Further accessories – think interesting lampshades, wall-hangings and plants – can also lift the room, making it feel cosy and complete.

The humble rug is an especially great and often underrated accessory for a baby’s bedroom,as it works as a wonderful centrepiece to bring colour, texture and pattern together all in one place. Before long, your mini me will be sprawling, crawling and sightseeing around the room, so a soft rug will both enhance room aesthetics and protect your baby from rougher floor surfaces.

Finally, think carefully about patterns. Steer clear of flowery ones, and instead opt for bold geometric shapes, which are friendly, fun and educational.

4. Themes

When you think about themes for your baby’s bedroom, you may get overwhelmed by images of Disney princesses and action heroes. But in the 21st century there are so many alternatives to choose from. One rule to remember when thinking about themes though, is that there’s no need to go overboard – it only takes a few thoughtful pieces to pick up a look tastefully, and tie the whole room together.

Let’s take animals as an example – it’s easy to bring this theme to life subtly without making it overwhelming. For example, you could go for:

  • White walls

  • Ercol wooden furniture including drawers, rocking chair and storage bench

  • Yellow/brown/orange accents including cushions, blankets, throws and a textured rug

  • Framed animal prints, as well as jungle-themed fake plant

  • Lion/tiger/jungle animal soft toy

Note that the flooring, walls, and furniture can stay fully neutral (and therefore lasting) with inexpensive additions such as prints, blankets and toys acting as all-important accents for the theme.

So, you’ve read our advice and you’re ready to ace the neutral look, but you’re still wondering what would your baby would want? All we can say on this matter is to go for something you love, and with a bit of luck they’ll love it too. You are going to be spending a lot of time in that little bedroom too, after all, so how you feel about it is every bit as important. And with shops really starting to get on board with gender neutral bedding, furnishings and accessories, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you want for the baby bedroom of (both) your dreams.


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