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Your Winter White Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, you should be looking to create a calm, serene environment that not only looks great, but which also helps to promote a sense of relaxation to ensure a good night’s sleep. Using a white colour scheme can help to achieve that relaxed vibe, creating a space that is light and airy, no matter how big or small your room is.
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Many people tend to think that all-white bedroom furniture can appear a little cold and soulless, however, in this article we will guide you into creating the perfect winter white bedroom that is also cosy for nesting in on those cold winter nights.

Choosing the right furniture

White furniture is a popular choice for many people, especially in their bedroom, as it is very adaptable and offers a contemporary yet timeless appeal. White wardrobes can blend naturally into bedroom spaces, without appearing too bulky or cluttered, and can be brought to life using jeweled or mirrored handles, which you can attach to accentuate the winter charm. White bed frames offer a soft, peaceful effect, which blend in well with a range of bed linen and accessories, and come in a range of materials, from white leather to white-washed pine. Complete the look with bedside tables to compliment your choice of bed frame, and again opt for glitzy knobs and handles to match your wardrobe. Layout is key, so play around with your furniture to ensure that your room looks balanced and spacious. Fitted wardrobes often work well in smaller bedrooms, whereas free standing options tend to work better in larger rooms to fill out the space and eliminate empty corners, which might make the room appear cold.

Textures and layering

When it comes to white, there are countless shades to blend together to create an important sense of texture and depth. Blending these different shades and textures will transform an icy white interior into a warm and cosy wonderland. Choose from ivories, creams, and snowy whites for carpets, rugs and curtains, ensuring that the white shades you select are tonal and complement each other. For bedding; layered whites and creams create an inviting and comfy winter look. Opt for snow white bed linen, topped with a thick woolen blanket in a warmer cream shade, and match with an array of cushions in fabrics such as velvet, velour and with heavy embroidery detailing to give even more texture. Faux fur is also a fantastic material to work with, and can be used on cushions, rugs or throws for an ambience that is both snug and stylish.

Icy metallics

If you are keen to limit the amount of block colour in your bedroom to solely whites and creams, then another way you can add detailing and character is to use metallic accessories, which blend effortlessly with a white palette. Silvers, chromes, coppers and rose golds are all metallic shades, which work perfectly together, accentuating the ‘frosted’ effect of the white interior. Use these metallics for small detailing i.e. picture frames, candle holders, door handles, mirrors and vases, or why not add even more drama with metallic trunk cases stacked up under the window frames, metallic tiles around an open fireplace, or even a metallic head board for your bed.


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