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Bold and Beautiful: 7 Colourful Dining Room Ideas

These days, gathering in the dining room has a real sense of occasion attached to it. With our busy, hectic lives, it can be rare for the family to eat together during the week, and sometimes snacking in front of the TV or at a table in the kitchen can seem a lot easier. If you have guests over or a family event, however, using the dining room makes a meal special. It’s tempting to go bold with the décor, but it’s also important to consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives. Read on for our 7 great ideas for creating a colourful dining room.

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1. Start with a basic backdrop

If you aren’t quite sure how daring you want to be in your dining room, you could start with a simple backdrop – perhaps stick with white or cream walls, perhaps even a white or cream painted dining table, and introduce colour through accents and accessories. You’ll end up with a calm but at the same time subtly colourful dining room, and the colours you choose will really pop.

For a minimalist look, you could create a predominantly white room, with a white dining table in the centre, then try something unexpected with vibrant yellow dining chairs that really stand out. Or add a shot of pink or red, reflected in a patterned rug or the curtains, with white there for balance. If opting for white as a backdrop, try varying textures to stop the room feeling flat.


Colourful dining ideas –Angeles Rectangular
Colourful dining – contemporary dining set

2. Add warmth with wooden dining furniture

Oak furniture is always popular in a dining room. Try a wooden dining table and benches, and add a cosy element with a fluffy throw, or some metallic lighting and accessories. A large cabinet in an intense colour, like a dark grey, will counter the natural texture.

Industrial look dining furniture, with metal legs and fixtures, will give your dining room an edgy, modern feel that’s very on trend.


3. Introduce pretty pinks and pastel shades

Something light and laid-back, and relaxing for your guests when they pop round for an informal dinner, is a colourful dining room of purples, pinks and plums – think matching berry tones. Go deep with strong, bold shades, or err towards lighter pastel.

Metallic surfaces and a variety of textures work well with these colours, mixing glass, wood and velvet, for example. Look to a glass dining table for a modern touch here, with dining chairs and even bar stools covered in fabric to help you match the scheme.

A pink rug could be used to set the scene, with metallic touches courtesy of the wall art picture frames and lighting. Have your tableware match the berry theme, with gold cutlery, candles and fresh flowers.

These colours also work well with black and grey. Black dining chairs or a grey sideboard might be something to consider here.


Colourful dining ideas – glass dining table
Colourful dining ideas – marble topped table

4. Go with on-trend grey

This is the neutral of the moment, and a good place to start when deciding how to decorate your dining room. Grey can serve as a sophisticated backdrop on the walls, and can lead to a colourful dining room if you choose multiple shades for depth then add bright accents.

Grey dining chairs, with the colour in the upholstery, and a wooden or metallic frame, could work here. Pop a grey rug on the floor to define the dining area, then sit your furniture on top. A marble dining table set can be an unexpected way of working the grey theme in.

White and black complement grey too, so consider white dining chairs or a black dining table. Inject a pop of colour with some gold table ornaments, or maybe a yellow rug. Grey is a huge part of the current industrial trend trend too.

Varying shades and textures can stop the grey feeling flat or cold. Wall art consisting of striking black-and-white photography can be a good choice here.


5. Bring the outside in with green

A green scheme will bring in a feel of the outdoors, and works well with a variety of other shades. Green comes in such a spectrum of hues and shades, so you can go subtle or bold to create very different looks. Pair a soft green with a painted cream or two tone dining set, for a fresh and natural look.

In contrast, emerald green on the walls creates a bold and colourful dining room that’s sophisticated and glamorous. Tone down a stronger green with a white dining table and matching chairs or add to the Deco inspired drama with a lacquered or marble dining set. Look for upholstered chairs with a green-and-white pattern, or a complementary green shade. Try a gold mirror or a copper pendant light. A deep green hue works well with wood and darker metallics too, so you could choose a dining set that uses both.

To finish your green dining room, add potted plants around the room and on the table. Even some hanging planters will help to complete the look.


olourful dining – wood and painted dining set

 Colourful dining ideas – industrial shelving

7. Decorating the smaller dining space

You may not have a large dining room in your house, or even a separate dining space – rather a portion of a living room or kitchen. But through some clever design, you can still create a colourful dining room area that is both warm and inviting.

If you have a small room, a lighter colour scheme tends to maximise the feeling of space, while darker shades make it seem cosier. A white table and chairs, with a pale off-white shade on the walls, could work, and remember to include a couple of mirrors.

Be clever with your choice of furniture too. Open shelves can work well as a room divider, defining your dining area. Consider a dining bench or two, rather than chairs, as these will seat more and look neater in a small space. An extendable dining table is a good option too, transforming the room when you want to entertain, but remaining tucked away and catering to a smaller number until required. A glass dining table also looks less intrusive.

If you’re working with a multifunctional space, with the dining area part of the kitchen or lounge, try a neutral colour scheme across both, but use contrasting accent colours in each.


We hope that you feel inspired by our colourful dining room ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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