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Bon Appétit - Dining à la Française

French-style furniture is always à la mode. If you take inspiration from across the channel when it comes to decorating your home, we’ve got some beautiful pieces to get you started.

As we know, the French take their food very seriously, and sitting round the table to eat dinner is an important part of daily life. Make every meal special by eating around this beautiful oak dining table. Both practical and stylish, this exquisite piece of French furniture has been finished with care. If you find yourself hosting a dinner party, the table will extend to accommodate your guests. Parfait!

Our range of Bordeaux furniture is inspired by designs found in homes across the French countryside. Get that rustic, farmhouse feeling in your own home by adding a statement dresser. Exuding timeless charm, this is the perfect place to show off all your beautiful crockery and family trinkets.

Why not add a bench to your dining set? A twist on the usual table-and-chairs set up, this painted oak bench is perfect for relaxed and versatile family dining.

Our Bordeaux furniture comes in a range of gorgeous paint finishes, offering a colour palette to suit everyone. You could even mix and match your colour choices for a more modern twist on this popular style.

For furniture that never goes out of style, look no further than the relaxed yet sophisticated style of the French.


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