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How to dress up a simple dining table

Whether it’s a dinner for one, an intimate date or a big soiree, follow our five pieces of advice on how to dress up that simple dining table.

The dining table is often dubbed ‘the heart of the home’. It’s not hard to see why – it’s the place where people come together to sit and relax, share a meal, converse with family or socialise with friends.

And with such a special place in our home (and hearts), we should be dressing it to make a statement. Whether you want to give your dining table a little spruce up for a special occasion or a whole new lease of life, follow our five steps to make your dining table a worthy centrepiece for any occasion.

Mix it up with your dining chairs

If you love your table as it is, consider dressing it up with some new dining chairs, it’s surprising how just changing the chairs can completely change the look.

Dining chairs are a significant feature and the ideal way to introduce colour and texture into your dining room. Colourfully upholstered dining chairs, or even elaborate fabrics and intricate details such as scroll or buttoned backs will instantly add some personality to your space.

We love the Earth Pair of Dining Chairs with their subtle retro styling, upholstered in soft yet hardwearing faux leather with powder-coated steel legs – ideal for a quirky contrast to a neutral table.

If you’re looking to dress up your dining table with some new fabric dining chairs, the Furnitureland California Pair of Fabric Dining Chairs take your table from ‘so-so’ to striking with bright and refreshing splashes of colour. Feeling bold? Dine à la carte and distract your guests with a mix and match of magnificent shades from ochre to sage and celadon. A medley of chairs is a sure-fire way to add some character to your table – and the California collection is designed so no matter the mix of shades you select, they’ll be a match made in heaven.

Dare to be different? Dining chairs are the popular choice, but why not dissent with a dining bench? Upholstered benches are a great way to make a style statement and give your dining table an upgrade with a contemporary twist.

Transform your table with a table runner

Table linens are a great way to transform your dining table, but it needn’t be completely covered. A table runner is the perfect way to ramp up the style without the formality of a tablecloth.

Choose a table runner that will enhance the look of your dining table and influence the rest of your décor. Feel free to be fearless with contrasting textures – velvet and satin really catch the eye – or shake up the setting with geometric shapes, patterns or pops of colour. This givesyou a central style for the rest of your room, which can be picked up through complementary tones, textures or themes in your crockery, tableware and other table accessories.

Natural centrepieces

When it comes to the surface of your table, one striking centrepiece makes a real statementrather than multiple pieces that could end up looking cluttered and chaotic.

We love a natural centrepiece for its ability to breathe life into a room, so something like fruit, flowers or plants in the middle of the table will add vitality to your table. The colours are fresh and can be regularly changed up, too – meaning you aren’t stuck with something that could feel out of season. A ceramic or glass vase, plant pot or bowl can sit beautifully ona wooden table, in colours that chime with other elements in the room.

Ground your table with a rug

We won’t pretend that the dining room rug isn’t a little risqué (think children, think crumbs, think pulling out chairs), but it can work as the most wonderful visual anchor for your table and complete the room. So if you’re thinking of going for it, here are a few things you need to know.

For all the reasons above, go for a weave or short-pile rug, as shag rugs or those that are thicker are not practical in this scenario. When it comes to size, the bigger the better to avoid any chair catching, and as for shape – generally, mirroring the shape of your dining table willwork best e.g. a rectangular rug will look great surrounding a rectangular dining table. And stick with darker colours where possible.

Low-hanging lighting

Now you’ve got your dining table ready for every occasion from take-aways to black tie, it’s time to add the finishing touch. And what better way than with your lighting? This will not only serve as a decorative item but brings everything into view.

If you really want to achieve that restaurant-worthy ambient glow, go for a low watt light or a light with a dimmer so you can create an atmospheric setting. When it comes dressing up your dining table, a low-hanging light is the one to choose.

A pendant or chandelier is the perfect way to make a statement as it will draw the eye towards it. We love the Galaxias Chandelier Antique Silver, which acts as a ‘wow’ factor centrepiece for any room and offers a lavish and luxurious touch to any table.

Ready to dress up your dining setting and turn the tables? A simple dining table doesn’t always need to be replaced by something new – all it needs is a few thoughtful additions that will accentuate its natural features and allow it to enjoy a new lease of life.


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