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Famous dining table movie scenes and how they can inspire your interiors

From the futuristic minimalism of Luke Skywalker’s dining table set, to Elf’s frivolous room decorations, we take you through some of cinema’s most iconic scenes and how you can use them as inspiration for your home.
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It’s Sunday night, and you’ve finally found time to sit down and browse the web for that new dining table and chairs you’ve been saying you’ll buy for months. Only, you’re feeling a little unmotivated, so decide to flick on a movie instead. You’ve almost achieved your goal of total dining table shopping avoidance, when – BAM! – inspiration comes from the place you’d least expect. Whether it be Beauty and the Beast or Edward Scissorhands, it’s often overlooked that some of the most iconic moments in film occur around the dinner table… providing the perfect opportunity to steal ideas for your own home (and isn’t getting ideas from all sorts of places what interior design is about anyway?).

Movie set designers spend far more time planning the look of a room than you ever could browsing Pinterest for inspiration. Hours of brainstorming, furniture sourcing and location planning go into each and every one of the scenes we know and love. So, why not ditch the countless catalogues, sit back, and accept some guidance from some of cinema’s most memorable dining room sets?


The ‘be our guest’, never-ending table from Beauty and the Beast

First off, rather than starting a debate over whether the cartoon or live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is better (we know where we stand), let’s concentrate on one of the story’s most iconic moments, featured in both films. For those having trouble remembering, after days of imprisonment Belle is confronted by an all singing, all dancing selection of household items laying out a welcome feast. But what inspiration can we gain from this scene? The style of the room as a whole, including the French chateau’s grandiose table, could point you towards equally lavish furniture, like this Lorenzo Extending Dining Table. Stylish and classic, it will not only save you space on weeknights, but will facilitate magical dinner parties just like Lumière and Cogsworth’s (yes, the candle and the clock). While we can’t promise your food will live up to their standards, the practicality of a dinner table set like this speaks for itself.

Maple syrup spaghetti from Elf

Nothing is more enjoyable (sickening?) than watching Will Ferrell enthusiastically devouring spaghetti covered in maple syrup and sweets. But what can we take away from Buddy the Elf’s childish antics? One word: accessories. Upon finding his real father, Buddy gets to work adorning his family’s entire apartment with a series of homemade, festive decorations. Their later discovery of this dramatic make-over leads into the classic meal scene, where Buddy tops his food with a series of unconventional ingredients (to say the least!). While no one is suggesting you start sticking paper snowflakes to the wall, the addition of a sleek candelabra, lantern or centrepiece to the dining table is a great way to bring a bit of extra texture and cosiness to the room, for that sophisticated magazine-spread feel.


Star Wars’ futuristic minimalism

For modern inspiration look no further than the film that started it all, Star Wars, or specifically Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, as it was later renamed. We get our first glimpse of alien interior décor while Luke Skywalker chats with his aunt and uncle, sipping a glass of the galaxy’s now infamous ‘blue milk’. Featuring an all-white table, with clean lines and matching utensils, the family’s dining table set displays all the benefits of sleek, contemporary design. Not dissimilar to this Habufa Panama White Dining Table and 4 Chairs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take some inspiration from a galaxy far, far away and add a futuristic (or is it vintage?) spin to your dining room.

Rustic chic in It’s Complicated

While featuring a more-than impressive cast, the standout centrepiece of It’s Complicated is its set, which is as instrumental to the romantic comedy as the sterling script. The family’s kitchen-come-dining room features a rustic but stylish oval table, paired with dark-wood, cushioned chairs. Seen all together, there’s something both effortless and timeless about the room, created by famous production designer Jon Hutman, who also worked on The Holiday. You can achieve a similar look by scouting out a slightly worn table and chair from any good vintage furniture shop, or, for the less creative (or those with far less time), you can achieve an equally striking look with this Hoxton Dining Table with 4 Chairs.

The ‘It’s not polite to stare, dear’, wooden table from Edward Scissorhands

In what has become one of Tim Burton’s most iconic films, Winona Ryder falls for a man with scissors for hands (it’s much nicer than it sounds). Although set in a fictional world, the house’s décor and the technology featured throughout suggest it’s based in the late 1970s or early 1980s. This style carries through to the memorable dining room scene, in which Edward struggles to eat dinner while surrounded by his new adoptive family. But of course, the interior enthusiasts among us are likely to be more fixated upon the room’s furnishings than the scene’s content. We love the slight retro edge created by the sleek wooden dining table, classic of the era but still as on-trend today as it was then. To add this air of timelessness into your own home, go for something like this Ercol Originals Plan Dining Table, for a look that’s contemporary but with an air of retro-chic.

The hours that go into designing and sourcing the props that end up on the big screen make them excellent mood boards for your own projects. Although characters might be serving up meals that are slightly ambitious for a Monday-night supper (with the exclusion of Elf), taking inspiration from these classics will soon transform your room from drab to absolutely fab. Looks like it’s time to dust off that old DVD collection, and let the inspiration flow.


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