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Make the most of where you eat

In a recent study commissioned by Conscious Food, it was revealed that the average British adult spends just 23 minutes per day eating their meals, with a fifth never sitting down at a table to eat, and a third “barely noticing the taste of the food”. Read the full article from the Daily Mail.
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As our lives have become increasingly hectic, with work, family and other commitments taking precedence over sitting down for a meal, our priorities and habits have adapted to reflect this change in lifestyle. With space in modern homes often at a premium, homeowners are increasingly utilising traditional dining spaces for other purposes, and the formal dining room is often eliminated completely.

In fact, recent research carried out by Furniture Village found that only 23% of people regularly eat at a table in a traditional dining room, with around a quarter of those surveyed favouring a kitchen table or breakfast room. This open plan style of living lends itself to all kinds of properties, from Victorian, Georgian and new builds, and the popularity of kitchen dining is reflected by a growing demand for more casual, multi-purpose dining furniture.

Furniture Village has compiled a number of top tips for creating a relaxed, flexible space in your home that can adapt to all aspects of your life.

Make the most of the room

A round glass table in a small eating area can make the room seem much more open and make the most of the space available. For some structure and definition, why not select some bright statement chairs to add a splash of colour and personality, as well as pulling the room together with some carefully chosen accessories.

Complementary colours

When a dining space is integrated into the kitchen, using similar colours in both areas can make the whole space feel more connected and open by creating a more streamlined effect.

Kitchen island

In small kitchens, stools and benches are a great choice, as they provide multiple seating options, and can also be easily stored underneath the table itself in order to make the most of the floor space available. This also allows the tabletop to function as an extra work surface, which can be incredibly valuable in compact kitchens.

Kitchens are often very neutral rooms, and this backdrop can lend itself to more striking dining sets. The distinctive shapes of the Plank dining table, as well as pieces such as the ercol Originals Love Seat, can work really well in an open plan kitchen diners – whether in black or in a more natural wood.


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