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The Great British Dining Room

As a nation we’ve always been keen bakers & cooks, albeit some of us more amateur than others! But with the countless food television shows and our personal favourite, The Great British Bake Off encouraging us to make our own and eat together, there’s never been a better time to invest in your dining environment.
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Let’s take some time to be a little nostalgic; the kitchen has always been the heart of a British home and we all have a positive memory of it, whether it’s baking with our grandmother or enjoying our first roast dinner – it hasn’t really changed. Granted now we probably use an iPad to find that perfect Victoria sponge recipe and not a flour covered recipe book but as we become more connected with technology we have a yearning to get back together and make these lasting memories of our past part of the present day. Over the years we’ve seen the dining room furniture become an extension of the kitchen and whether compact or large, kitchen/diner or luxurious dining fit for a king, it can be the room in which to bring your family and friends together to make meal times fun, functional and comfortable.

Take this gorgeous Emily dining table and chairs; typically British with a country white traditional farmhouse design and walnut table top, it has a little Downton Abbey decadence thrown in with the Emily Rollback dining chairs. Alternatively if you wanted to keep the country feel you can mix and match with cross back dining chairs that are also in the range. If you have a lot of essential dining items that just won’t fit in your kitchen, then we’d highly recommend the matching Emily wide sideboard to perfectly finish of your traditional yet incredibly charming great British dining room.

Let’s face it not everyone is lucky enough to have the room for the Emily dining range, and that’s ok because compact dining furniture doesn’t get much better than this Cleo Circular Table and 4 Elizabeth Chairs. We Brits like to keep up with and often set the latest trends and this exciting clear furniture does just that. Not only does it match with any colour but it represents everything that’s great about British dining, it’s strong, attractive, reliable and has an incredibly smart design - the chairs cleverly stack neatly for when you require your space back, perfect!

For those of you with a big family, or who like to play ‘Come Dine with Me’ with your friends, the Nexus extending dining table is the most accommodating and stylish on the market. It’s modern yet with the curved, upholstered dining chairs available in teal, charcoal, linen and red, it epitomises a retro vibe like something out of the swinging 60’s.

If none of these take your fancy you’re sure to find something in our extensive range of dining furniture, take a look now and get your great British dining room sooner than you think.


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