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10 Things You Must Do to Get Ready for BBQ Season

It’s barbecue season once again and we all know what that means: it’s time to prepare the stainless steel utensils and give the BBQ it’s 2016 premiere. Here at Furniture Village, we’ve put together our top ten tips on what should be done to get ready for that first of many barbecues this season!
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Savannah garden furniture
Savannah garden furniture
Savannah garden furniture

Tidying the garden.

It’s time to power wash the patio and do the weeding! Get the garden looking great this summer with a facelift of flowerbeds, potted plants and even a fresh coat of garden furniture paint, if required. It may even be time to invest in a new outdoor seating set, to replace the weathered old one. It doesn’t matter what size your outdoor living space is, at furniture village, we have a range of dining sets, Bistro sets and sun loungers that would be perfect for your summer barbecue.

Clean and maintain the grill.

Have you ever lifted the lid of the BBQ and been dismayed to find it’s greasy and coated with a layer of grime? Don’t prolong cooking time on the day and ensure your BBQ is clean and ready to use in advance. The barbecue should be cleaned after every use to ensure as long a life as possible, so give the grates a forceful scrub with multipurpose or grill specific products to remove grime on both sides.

Plan your barbecue menu.

Planning the perfect barbecue menu is certainly a must. Stock up on a hearty supply of burgers, lamb chops and sausages with a range of rubs and spices to have a great barbecue experience. Don’t forget, there is also a fantastic range of vegetarian options too and meat substitutes. If you’re looking for some inspirational veggie dishes, be sure to take a look at our alfresco recipes, perfect for accompanying any barbecue.

Drinks on ice.

Now it’s a party! Find an old bucket, fill it with water and ice and put your drinks in to chill. As an extra, why not have a signature cocktail drink for your barbecue? You can’t go wrong with some of the classics such as the Piña colada or Sunset, so make sure you’ve got the ice crusher and mixers at hand! If you are feeling savvy why not have a go at creating your own cocktail for your family and friends to share?

Outdoor entertainment.

Whether you’re keeping your children happy or entertaining your (not-so-grown-up) friends, you can’t go wrong with a bouncy castle or some of the old classics like swingball or skittles. Relive your youth as a family and get everyone involved with activities such as croquet or ring toss, giant Jenga or a round of bowls. Make sure to keep that playful and fun atmosphere running throughout the day into the evening!

Table setting and theme.

he layout of the table can say a lot about your dining experience tying in all the elements of the day together. In whatever way you decide to lay out your table, add a theme to your summer barbecue. If your garden happens to be small, try a delightful bistro set and transport yourself to France with gourmet grilled fruit de la mer, under a fairy light scattered gazebo or if you’re entertaining for a larger party, set up the spacious rectangular dining sets and share a Mexican grill with friends.

Music playlist.

No summer barbecue is complete without a thought out summer playlist. Have at least 50 songs at the ready, the seemingly endless the better, with a range of old and new tracks for easy listening in the background.

Being the perfect BBQ host.

Being able to constantly graze on the food available is definitely one of the perks of having a barbecue, so keep your guests happy whilst they wait for the main meal with plenty of snack and finger foods as well as a good supply of drink. Don’t forget, no barbecue is complete without condiments, so stock up on ketchup, mayo, brown sauce, chilli (both sweet and the hot variety), as well as herbs and spices.

Atmospheric lighting.

When the evening starts to roll around, enjoy the flickering flames from an ornate fire pit dining set. Sit back and relax basking in the warmth and ethereal glow as the evening draws in and unwind after a fun filled day! If your garden is home to a gazebo, string fairy lights across the support poles and marvel at the twinkling lights once the sun has set.

Clean up.

To round off the evening comes the inevitable clean up duty. Ensure you’ve got a suitable storage facility for your BBQ utensils and outdoor dining accessories, ready for easy use next time. Don’t forget to clean the BBQ grill once it has cooled down. Use warm soapy water and a stiff wire brush to scrub the grill clean and remove any stubborn burnt-on food stains.


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