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How To Make A Snow Globe

The weather people promised us snow weeks ago and we’re a bit bored of waiting for it so have decided to make our own winter wonderland in the form of snow globes. These are actually far more practical for our deliveries and getting to work, but are not nearly as fun when it comes to snowball fights and sledging- they are also very easy to make so the kids can join in too (as long as you are in charge of the super glue, we managed to stick our fingers to our trousers, it was not a fun 10 minutes removing them).

What you need...

Jars- any size or shape of jar will work

Glycine- you can buy this from the chemist, it’s really for sore throats and chapped skin but when it comes to making snow globes it thickens the water so the glitter doesn't fall too fast

Glitter- for the wonderful snow, of course. Top Tip! Use thick glitter, we used very fine glitter and it formed clumps

Super glue- just be careful you don't stick yourself to things

Figurines- Whatever you want to be the feature of your snow globe- we made a Christmas tree but go crazy with your imagination here.

How to make your snow globe

It’s ever so simple. Take your jar and remove the lid. Stick your figurine to the inside of the jar lid using the super glue.

While the glue is drying (and after you’ve unstuck your fingers to whatever you stuck them to) fill the jar, almost to the top, with water. Add some Glycine to the water, too much and your glitter will stick to the lid, not enough and it will fall too quickly so you may want to experiment to get the right amount.

Add the glitter to your jar, not too much, but a good snow storm of it. And lastly, take your jar lid with the figurine stuck to it and place in the jar so the figurine goes into the glittery water. You can super glue the lid to the jar if you want some extra security but ours did not leak. Give the jar a shake and enjoy the magic.

The home of inspiration

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