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How To Stylishly Mix and Match Dining Chairs

If you want to create a modern look in your dining room, mixing and matching your dining chairs is a great way to do it. Break up the monotony by being bold and brave. As well as ensuring your dining room is bang on trend, an eclectic look will also prove to be a popular talking point with your guests.
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Ready to give your dining room a modern twist? Here are our top tips for stylishly achieving the contrasting look.

Combine and contrast colours

The first way to create an eclectic dining room is through the use of colour. You can do this easily through your choice of dining chairs.

Leather and fabric dining chairs are available in a multitude of colour options, so rather than choosing one, mix it up and combine two or more hues for a stylish look. If you’re not sure what will work, consult a colour wheel. There are several ways you can use a colour wheel to find harmonious colour combinations:

  • Complementary colour schemes – choose two colours that are directly opposite each other on the wheel, such as green and red.
  • Analogous colour schemes – choose two or three colours that are next to each other, like red and red-purple.
  • Triadic colour schemes – select three colours that are an equal distance from each other on the wheel, such as red, blue and yellow.
  • Monochrome – choose your base colour and add chairs in different shades. For a toned down look that still manages to bring that contrasting style to your room, you can also choose neutrals such as black, white and grey. You can always bring in additional pops of colour with your accessories, such as crockery, table cloths or place mats.

Play the end game

Another way to incorporate colour into your dining set up is to use coloured chairs at either end of a rectangular table. You might have chairs in the same material or colour as your dining table, but adding a colourful twist at the top and bottom of the table adds a fun yet stylish twist.

Choose two chairs that match the wider colour scheme and style of your room, and place them at your table ends for maximum impact. This is a subtle way of bringing a modern style to your dining room without going crazy with colour.

Add intrigue with different textures

If a vibrant colour scheme isn’t your style, you can achieve a modern look by using texture instead. Choose one colour, and combine upholstered dining chairs with leather and faux leather options to create an understated look that brings elegance to your room.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, a combination of colour and texture can turn your chairs into a real talking point.

Go bold with pattern and print

If your dining room décor is daring and bold, reflect this in your choice of furniture by mixing up chairs of different styles. Choose between plain and patterned fabrics, or combine completely different chair designs.

To keep things grounded, choose a consistent theme (such as colour or material), so that things don’t look too haphazard and out of kilter.

Keep it casual with a bench

A great way to way to mix things up in the dining room is to bring an asymmetrical dimension into the décor. This can be done by including a dining bench down one side of your table, with wooden chairs on the opposite side.

The bench offers an interesting focal point, and makes for a perfect seating arrangement for those casual dinner dates with friends and family.

How will you mix and match your dining chairs?

Combining different styles, colours and patterns isn’t for everyone, but when done well, it can have a great impact on your dining room.

If you’re looking to give your dining area a new lease of life without resorting to renovating the entire space, try some of our tips for mixing and matching your chairs to create an eclectic and modern look.

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