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How to transform your living room for Autumn/Winter in 3 easy steps

As the winter months’ approach and you start to spend more time indoors, you may be looking for ways to update your home interior without burning a huge hole in your wallet. Therefore, rather than expensive structural changes, there are many other options you could explore to get an equally great effect, with less investment.
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Experiment with layouts

Sometimes a simple move around of furniture can make a huge difference to how your living rooms appears. If you have sofas and armchairs which are easy to move, then try to swap around their position in the room so that you instantly create a new dimension. Coffee tables, standard lamps and bookshelvesare other pieces of furniture which could easily be mixed around the room to give the refresh you are looking for. Even moving around paintings and wall mirrors can achieve a good effect, so get everything down and have a play around with what goes where until you are happy with your new layout.

Update your colour scheme

Creams, whites and greys are all great, fresh colours for Spring and Summer, but sometimes it’s a nice idea to opt for a warmer colour scheme when Autumn and Winter month’s approach for a cosier feel. Hues of yellow, orange, beige and chocolate are all warming colours, which help to achieve that toasty look. Also, it’s not always just a case of painting the walls in order to bring in a new colours - you could offer your furniture a lick of paint to completely refresh its look, or why not consider a new carpet or wooden floor to really make a point of difference.

If your sofa has come to the end of its shelf life, then now might be a great time to look for a new one, ready for the months ahead when you might want to spend more cosy nights in. If you are choosing a new sofa, bear in mind that you will probably have it for the next few years, so choose something neutral and that you won’t get tired of easily. Patterned sofas and armchairs can seem fun at the time, and temporarily on trend, but you are likely to get more use out of something in a block colour, which is more timeless and hard-wearing.

The finishing touches

Once you have dabbled around with the layout of your living room and decided on your new colour scheme, it is worth investing in some finishing touches in order to complete the look. Cushions, bean bags, rugs, and floor lamps can all hugely impact the appearance of your lounge at relatively low cost. The eclectic look is currently a big trend, meaning you can play around with multiple patterns, colours and textures to create your own distinct aura, especially if your furniture and sofa are all fairly neutral in colour. Smaller finishing touches and accessories, for example picture frames, mirrors, candles and sculptures can also be added or updated to complete the final ambiance of your room.

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