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Make an impact… with a striking statement rug.

Bright and bold, daring and designer or large and luxurious – statement rugs are a fabulously versatile way to add style to your living room, bedroom or hallway. You can use them to define spaces, swap them around as the mood takes you and take them with you when you move home. For every type of décor, there’s a stunning statement rug to suit.
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Gorgeous geometrics.

Geometry has appeared in rugs for centuries – from the intricate mathematical designs of Persian rugs to simple motifs. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide choice of geometric patterns in modern, Deco inspired and Scandinavian rugs.

With linear patterns, octagons, triangles, diamonds, squares and more to choose from, a geometric rug makes a confident, sophisticated style statement. Repeating hexagon, anyone?

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Cool colourways.

If you’re drawn to bold and funky colour combinations but don’t necessarily want to commit to them long term then a statement rug could be the answer. Statement rugs are a great way to indulge your love of colour and express your adventurous side.


Bring the sunshine in.

Rugs can change the weather, at least in your living room. Add a splash of sunshine with a beautiful yellow rug, or bring the outdoors in with a lush green rug. And, just like grey sofas, grey rugs are very much in style, in a choice of warmer and cooler shades.

Changing the colour of a rug transforms any room – some people swap their rugs seasonally, with perhaps a blue rug in cooler tones for summer and warm, inviting red rug for the winter months.

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Chic chevron rugs.

Chevron rugs are a popular choice, and for a good reason. Their mesmerising zigzag or triangle patterns are so attractive and versatile. The chevron pattern works perfectly for a sharp, monochrome statement rug, but also lends itself to subtle and sophisticated or bright and bold colourways. Whatever option you go for, this modern yet timeless design pulls a room together beautifully and never goes out of style.

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Artistic appeal.

Some rugs are so beautiful, you almost want to put them on the wall instead of on the floor. In gorgeous abstract and decorative patterns these contemporary rugs can be inspired by an art movement – for example Impressionism or Cubism – or by a medium such as delicate watercolour paintings, marble, bold linear charcoal drawings or stained glass.

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