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Sofas in all shades.

Choosing a new sofa? Then it’s the perfect time to revamp your living space by replacing a neutral piece with something brighter and bolder – or vice versa. Here’s our pick of the most stylish sofa colours around, and how to use them to create an on trend, versatile and comfortable living space.
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Sophisticated blue sofas.

If you have young children, a beige or off-white sofa might feel like a risky choice. Yet what if you’re not ready to pick a hide-anything sofa colour purely for practical reasons? Think blue instead. A sophisticated and creative choice, our blue sofas in deep navy and rich Prussian blue turn any living room into a space that’s both stylish and functional, especially if you opt for a roomy chaise end or corner sofa.


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Gorgeous grey sofas.

The colour that bridges the gap between on trend and classic decor, grey works well in almost any space. Neutral but not boring, grey says sophisticated designer style while complementing both light and dark walls, and traditional and contemporary living room furniture. Our grey sofas are available in fabric and leather and in all shades from charcoal to silver.


Luscious green sofas.

A little bit different and undeniably stylish, green sofas make a quietly confident design statement and are a great way to add a pop of colour against a neutral coloured wall.

Our green sofas are available in sumptuous leather as well as velvets, cottons and textured fabrics and include retro yellow-green, contemporary pale mint and sophisticated forest green.



Stunning yellow sofas.

Bold but not brash, yellow has long been an interior designer favourite. Choose gold or ochre for a warmer look, or mustard or pale lemon for a distinctively vintage vibe. Either way, our yellow sofas fit surprisingly easily into most decors and are the perfect way to bring colour into a neutral room, or as a striking focal point against a dramatic blue or dark grey wall.



Sensational red sofas.

So traditional it feels contemporary, red is the ideal way to introduce warmth to a cooler north-facing room or bring bold colour to a steadfastly neutral space. Red is also dark enough to be family-friendly and yet bright enough to satisfy your interior designer’s need to make a statement. In short, our red sofas are the perfect shade. And if crimson or scarlet isn’t quite you, a subtle yet rich rusty red still feels fabulously stylish.

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Beautiful brown sofas.

A colour for all seasons, brown is a classic sofa hue that’s anything but predictable. From pale taupe through to the deepest and richest espresso, our brown sofas come in a wide range of shades and in both leather and fabric. So whatever style you’re looking for, from traditional Chesterfield to contemporary power recliner, you’re sure to find it in brown.


Naturally neutral sofas.

One of our neutral or beige sofas may feel like a safe choice but it’s also an great way of creating a living room look that’s just right for you. Adopt a neutral palette and experiment with complementary-toned cushions and rugs in shades of cream, brown, off white and taupe to create a beautiful and relaxing space. Or offset the neutral with bold splashes of colour – like bright modern wall art, for example, or an eye-catching purple rug.




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