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There’s so much to love about velvet for your home. It’s tactile, it’s romantic and it adds a feeling of luxury to any room. Velvet goes perfectly with so many interior styles – from classic to modern and even on-trend industrial style. You can go all out and pile velvet upon velvet, or add just a touch of luxe. Read on for 6 reasons to choose velvet furniture and accessories.
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Jewels velvet sofa with mustard quilted cushions.

1. Velvet adds tactile luxury to the living room

Velvet suits so many styles of décor. At home in classic and relaxed contemporary living rooms, it even suits an ultra-modern interior – a large, silky soft velvet cushion in a bold colour is fabulous on a sleek designer sofa.

It’s easy to fall head over heels in love with sophisticated velvet, and velvet is perfect for the living room as it’s such a luxurious and inviting fabric. Go all out with a grand velvet sofa, choose a sofa in a relaxed mix of leather and velvet or snuggle up on a gorgeous velvet loveseat or cuddle chair.

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Millport velvet snuggler chair with scroll arms.

2. Velvet romance in the bedroom

There’s something incredibly romantic about velvet. Jewellery comes in velvet boxes for a reason. You can bring that romance in to the bedroom with a beautiful velvet upholstered bed frame – which adds a striking and opulent focal point to the room.

Already have a bed that you love but want to introduce velvet? Opt for piles of velvet cushions or a velvety throw on the bed, in a mix of jewel-like colours. Or make a statement with a velvet accent armchair that will turn your bedroom into a boudoir.

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Narla fluted pink velvet bed frame.

3. Super stylish in the dining room

Velvet is so on trend right now – it’s perfect for the classic or contemporary dining room. Velvet dining chairs go with almost any style of dining table. They’ll complement a luxurious marble dining table, soften an edgy industrial style dining set and add luxury to a relaxed wooden dining table and chairs.

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Kingswood dining set with velvet dining chairs.
Jewels sofa with coloured velvet cushions.

4. Tactile velvet brings a touch of luxe

Your home is where you want to feel the most comfortable, and what could be more comfy than soft and tactile velvet cushions to snuggle up with? On the bed, on the sofa or armchair, or piled up anywhere with cushions in different fabrics, colours and textures. And you don’t have to stop at cushions. Velvet table runners, velvet curtains, velvet pouffes, velvet throws and more are all making a comeback with the new maximalist trend, where more is more and opulence is the order of the day.

Aurora buttoned and scrolled velvet bed frame.

5. Velvet adds grandeur

Richly sophisticated, velvet adds grandeur to any home. It can be lavish, but it can also be understated in soft pastels and restrained greys. We can’t all be Louis XV, but we can sleep like royalty with a statement velvet headboard, lord it in the living room with a velvet sofa or dine like kings with decadent velvet dining chairs. Rich detailing such as lavish buttoning adds to the feeling of luxury.

Maisie yellow velvet bed frame.
Roll back velvet armchair from Alexander and James

6. Dress your home with velvet in every shade

Velvet is popular on the catwalks, and it’s also the perfect way to dress your home to impress. This tactile and attractive fabric changes with the light, so it’s no wonder it’s popular with artists. Be creative with velvet – whether you choose crushed velvets in silvers and soft greys or make a bold statement with rich blue, pink or green velvets.

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We hope that you’re inspired by velvet as we are. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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