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25 Things To Remember About 1989

1989 was a memorable year and not only because Furniture Village opened its first store in August!
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We’ve pulled together 25 of our favourite facts from the year. Some of them changed the world, others just make us look back and say “wow”

1. The best selling car in the UK was the Ford Escort 2. Tim Berners-Lee produced the proposal document that became the blueprint for the World Wide Web 3. In February, Sky Television begins broadcasting as the first satellite TV service in Britain 4. Desert Orchid won the Cheltenham gold cup in what was later voted the best horse race ever 5. Nigel Mansell won the Brazilian Grand Prix 6. Liverpool won the FA Cup final beating Everton 3-2. The Liverpool/Nottingham Forest semi final at Hillsborough had ended in horrific scenes which are still making headlines 25 years on 7. Rebecca Adlington was born on 7th February, later to become a Olympic gold medal winning swimmer 8. Nick Faldo was the first English winner of the Masters Tournament

9. The Berlin Wall fell after 28 years separating the east and west of Berlin 10. Arsenal win the First Division league title against Liverpool 11. Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue topped the charts with ‘Especially for you’ 12. The General Assembly of the Church of England voted to allow the ordination of women 13. Nintendo released the Game Boy portable video game system in North America 14. Peaches Geldof, daughter of Bob and Paula Yates, was born on 13 March 15. Batman, filmed in the UK, was released 16. George Bush Senior became president of the United States 17. The House of Commons was televised live for the first time

18. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles burst into an unprepared world 19. Doctor Who was discontinued by the BBC after 26 years 20. NASA spacecraft Galileo was launched on its mission to Jupiter 21. The Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize 22. Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China, was the scene of demonstrations and subsequent repression which made headlines around the world 23. Average House prices in London were £86,800 in 1989 24. The remains of The Rose and Globe Theatre were discovered in London 25. Daniel Radcliffe, actor, was born on 23rd July, destined to defeat Lord Voldemort 22 years later in the highest grossing Harry Potter film


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