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5 creative ways to transform awkward spaces in the home

Just when you thought you were on a roll redecorating your home, you reach a stumbling block that you simply can’t find a way out of. Read on to find out how to transform the awkward nooks and too-small gaps in your home into genuinely useful spaces.
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There should be an award for the amount of time you’ve spent meticulously planning every inch of your home.

From painstakingly choosing the exact right material for every surface to finding that perfect shade of blue (should you go Palladian or Sea Salt?) for your navy-themed bathroom. Through countless late nights flipping through magazines, scrolling Pinterest and scouring Instagram, you’ve managed to create a pretty impressive self-decorated space – even if you say so yourself.

But even a maestro has their off days – and it’s finally time to own up to yours. The bane of your interior decorating journey has been that awkward corner, odd gap and abrupt nook that you’ve been wilfully ignoring ever since you started your home renovation project.

Here’s a useful dose of inspiration to help you turn those dead spaces in your home into beautiful, functional areas that innocently hide the hours of frustration they have given you.

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Sneak extra storage into awkwardly slim gaps

When no amount of playing Tetris with your furniture has removed that ultra-slim gap in your sitting room or bedroom, it’s time to learn to live with it. Eventually, you just have to accept that the awkward gap in your room that’s too small for most furniture but too big to be inconspicuous, simply will not disappear.

If you’re struggling to find a functional way to use that seemingly unusable slim gap, thinking ultra-thin could be the answer. Taking up very little space while being very useful, a slim chest of drawers that matches the rest of your furniture can add an elegant ‘built-in’ effect to your room. The Ambriella 7 Drawer Chest is a handy 43cms deep – the perfect slot-in size – and comes with the added bonus of plenty of storage space.

Use mirrors to transform your nook

If the awkward nook is in your bedroom, why not turn it into a small but perfectly formed cosmetics den, with a slim dressing table and carefully placed table mirror? Finish the look with a comfy stool, and don’t forget think wisely about lighting. You’ll need to make use a strategically placed lamp or even install an extra spotlight in the nook to make sure you’ve got ample light to do your makeup.

If there’s no space for a dressing table, slot in some sturdy floating shelves in lieu of a table and make sure there’s enough space underneath to tuck in your seating when you’re done preening. Paint your shelves a metallic gold for a regal look and add a matching gold-framed mirror above the shelves to finish off your glamourous DIY dressing room.

Use the space between two walls wisely

Stuck with a tiny, empty space between two walls? The builders’ design quirk has become your ambitious challenge, and you’re sure to rise to it with our suggestions.

If the space is in your bedroom, why not put up a rail between the two walls to create a minimalist, open-wardrobe-style hanging space? This would work equally well if the awkward space is in your hallway, as it could be the perfect spot to hang your coats, keys and umbrellas.

Of course, if the space is in your sitting room, displaying your best clothes for all to see might not be the best way to go. Instead, why not use the space as a mini-garden, by hanging small planters from the ceiling or with tiny terrariums placed on little shelves?

Thinking high and tall is the key here, so if the space is wide enough, a tallboy chest of drawers could provide functionality as well as aesthetics. The dark brown grain and rustic French design of the Willis and Gambier Antoinette Tallboy brings a touch of elegance to any room – as well as that all-too-precious extra storage.

Turn miniscule walls into organisation hotspots

Another brilliant way to make use of tiny wall spaces is by turning it into an organisation hub for the household. Paint the back wall in chalkboard paint and you’ve got yourself a useful place for hurried scribbles to ‘buy milk’ as you rush out the door after finishing the last drop.

Make the space more interesting with a beautiful piece of modern calligraphy, a corkboard to pin up fun pictures of family and friends, or a mini calendar – which comes with the added bonus of erasing any excuse your housemates might have for forgetting your birthday.

If there’s enough space, a small chest of drawers could turn the space from to-do list to a present wrapping and crafts area. Load up the drawers with arts and crafts material, stationery, wrapping papers and ribbons to bring out the Organisational Fiend or Crafts Queen in you. After all, you’re going to need the materials to prepare for all the birthdays you’re certainly going to remember this year.

Open shelving for your corner wall niches

If it’s an awkward corner you’re dealing with, why not add some open shelving to proudly display whatever makes you unique? You can use the corner niches in your wall to display everything from the highlights of your travels to your most treasured books, and from your favourite brand of tipple to ornamental art pieces.

The angular meeting of two walls is rich with possibilities, with the only limit being your imagination. Use the corner nook as a space dedicated to a specific task – like a coffee station complete with cafetiere – or use it as a free-for-all spot to house (in carefully organised patterns) all your favourite bits and bobs. Once you’ve decided what to put in your new display area, draw attention to the new space by dotting some candles, lanterns or vases around it.

By spending some time playing around with décor elements, you’ve turned an awkward gap into a beautifully designed space with purpose and function.

Every home contains odd gaps and small spaces that can often seem frustratingly useless. With a bit of imagination and some choice furnishings, you could turn even the most awkward, fiddly and cumbersome areas in your home into beautiful, genuinely useful spaces.

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